2002 FIFA World Cup

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The 2002 FIFA World Cup ran from 31st May 2002 to 30th June 2002 and was hosted by South Korea and Japan. This was the first World Cup hosted outside the Americas or Europe, and also the first to be jointly hosted by more than 1 nation. South Korea and Japan were declared hosts by FIFA on 31st May 1996. South Korea and Japan, each provided 10 venues for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The stadiums in Daegu, Suwon, Yokohama, and Saitama all hosted 4 matches each, which was the most number of matches hosted by a stadium in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Tokyo on the other hand did not host a single match, making it the first capital of a host country to not be a FIFA World Cup venue.

South Korea
Daegu World Cup StadiumSeoul World Cup StadiumBusan Asiad StadiumIncheon World Cup StadiumUlsan Munsu Football Stadium
Capacity: 68,014Capacity: 63,961Capacity: 55,982Capacity: 52,179Capacity: 43,550
Suwon World Cup StadiumGwangju World Cup StadiumJeonju World Cup StadiumJeju World Cup StadiumDaejeon World Cup Stadium
Capacity: 43,188Capacity: 42,880Capacity: 42,391Capacity: 42,256Capacity: 40,407
South Korea2002 FIFA World Cup is located in South KoreaBusanDaeguDaejeonGwangjuIncheonJeonjuSeogwipoSeoulSuwonUlsanJapanJapan2002 FIFA World Cup is located in JapanKashimaKobeMiyagiNiigataŌitaOsakaSaitamaSapporoShizuokaYokohamaS. Korea
International Stadium YokohamaSaitama StadiumShizuoka Stadium ECOPANagai StadiumMiyagi Stadium
Capacity: 72,327Capacity: 63,000Capacity: 50,600Capacity: 50,000Capacity: 49,000
Ōita StadiumNiigata StadiumKashima StadiumKobe Wing StadiumSapporo Dome
Capacity: 43,000Capacity: 42,300Capacity: 42,000Capacity: 42,000Capacity: 42,000

Who Was The 2002 World Cup Winner?

Brazil won the 2002 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Korea and Japan. Brazil was drawn into Group C alongside Turkey, Costa Rica, and China. Brazil started off very well, beating all 3 teams in their group to finish on top of the table with 9 points. Brazil followed this up with a comfortable Round of 16 win against Belgium thanks to goals by Rivaldo and Ronaldo. Brazil’s next opponent was England in the Quarter-finals.

England scored the first goal, taking a one-goal lead over Brazil, but just on the stroke of halftime, Rivaldo equalized for Brazil. Ronaldinho then scored the second goal for Brazil early in the second half. England was unable to respond to this goal and Brazil won 2-1 over England to qualify for the Semi-finals. Brazil now faced Turkey in the Semi-finals, a team they had already faced once in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Brazil had managed to beat Turkey 2-1 in their first match and this was only due to an 87’ penalty scored by Rivaldo. Brazil knew this would not be an easy match.

Brazil managed to go 1-0 up at the start of the second half thanks to a goal by Ronaldo. Turkey was unable to retaliate to this goal and Brazil managed to sneak a narrow 1-0 victory over Turkey to advance to the finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Brazil played Germany in the finals of the World Cup and a second-half brace by Ronaldo saw Germany being rendered helpless as Brazil won the final 2-0 to lift the 2002 FIFA World Cup trophy.

Which Teams Were In The 2002 World Cup?

AFC (4)


Japan (co-hosts)

Saudi Arabia

South Korea (co-hosts)

CAF (5)




South Africa


OFC (0)

None qualified


Costa Rica


United States







UEFA (15)










Republic of Ireland






Who Was The Top Scorer In The 2002 World Cup?

Ronaldo ended the tournament as the top scorer of the 2002 FIFA World Cup with 8 goals to his name. Ronaldo scored 4 goals in the group stages, 1 against both Turkey and China, and 2 against Costa Rica. Ronaldo scored another 4 goals in the knockout stages of the tournament. He scored one goal in the Round of 16 game against Belgium, another against Turkey in the Semi-final, and the final 2 goals against Germany in the final of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

What Was The 2002 World Cup Trophy?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy was presented to Brazil after they beat Germany in the 2002 FIFA World Cup finals to become the world champions. Since the Jules Rimet trophy was put out of commission after the 1970 FIFA World Cup, the same trophy has been given to every winner of the FIFA World Cup.

What Was The Official 2002 World Cup Ball?

The official ball of the 2002 FIFA World Cup was called “Fevernova”. This ball was produced and manufactured by Adidas. This was the first-ever FIFA World Cup ball with a triangular design.

What Was The 2002 World Cup Song?

There were 2 songs for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The first was Anthem by Vangelis. The second song was Boom by Anastacia. The links for both the songs are provided below.

Vangelis - Anthem

Anastacia - Boom | FIFA World Cup 2002 (Official Video)