10 failed Fortnite collaborations that were a major disappointment

Fortnite has had some collaborations that failed terribly (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite has had some collaborations that failed terribly (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rishabh Sabarwal

Fortnite, to date, has had major collaborations with franchises, games, and even movies that the community likes and adores. These collaborations are done almost every season or every update the game goes through.

Over the past four years, players have seen more than 25 collaborations in-game in the form of events and additions.

Sometimes, these collaborations are a part of the main storyline of Fortnite. One such example is the Marvel Nexus War collab dedicated to an entire season of Marvel heroes teaming up with loopers to defeat Galactus.

Players worldwide love these collaborations from different franchises but may not experience the enjoyment with some of them.

Aquaman and Star Lord among top ten failed Fortnite collaborations

1) Travis Scott


Travis Scott's collaboration went from being the biggest hit to the most disliked in the community. Due to the events that took place with a tragic event at one of his concerts, players had second thoughts about him.

This led to the community disliking the skin altogether. Players protested for not using the skin, and Epic allowed a special refund for the skin. It is also improbable that the skin will ever return in-game.

2) Quibi


This was one of the most disappointing collaborations ever. While the community did not put much interest into this, others may not even recognize this anymore. Quibi had collaborated with the game to promote its streaming service.

They played one of their most exclusive shows at Risky Reels, which was its end. Players expected a lot more but were faced with disappointment. Ironically, months later, the streaming service went bankrupt.

3) Aquaman


DC's Aquaman did not meet the current hype of the players. Loopers were happy to receive the exclusive Battle Pass skin in Season 3 of Chapter 2 but expected way more.

The season trailer and release of the new Fishstick skin gave false hope to players that a new POI based on Atlantis would be coming to the island. Instead, Coral Castle came in, leading to a major disappointment.

4) Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters were a major letdown for the community in-game. Players hoped that the game would release the original characters from the franchise or the new remake movie once leaks were shown. There was also tough speculation that some creepy ghost skins or pickaxes would come with it.

But to the community's surprise, all they were presented with was random individuals wearing Ghostbusters suits with a reactive backbling. The collaboration was a letdown due to its potential, which wasn't displayed.

5) Wreck-It-Ralph


OG Risky Reels from Fortnite Chapter 1, which had a giant screen, presented a cameo from the Disney film, Wreck-it-Ralph. The teaser, which appeared for a few seconds, included Ralph walking by in a hurry and waving to acknowledge the world of Fortnite while traveling through the multiverse of video games.

Although it was an interesting sight back then, players hoped to see more from the franchise but never got the opportunity to.

6) I.T


The I.T Fortnite collaboration had its leaks in Fortnite but was never officially released. The movie franchise brought a lot of attractions in the industry, and players were excited to see it in-game.

The only element that showcased the future collaboration, which was later on canceled, was the Red Balloon near the sewers, which was an indication to the franchise. However, that was the only thing players saw, and nothing else was released later on.

7) Cobra Kai


The hit TV series Cobra Kai has major popularity with teenagers and adults, just like the average Fortnite player community.

Players expected Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso skins alongside the original characters from the franchise in the game. However, they were presented with default skin models sporting Karate Gi's from both factions.

This was a significant disappointment to the player base as only a couple of back blings, skins and a Crane Kick emote were presented to them.

8) Stranger Things


The Stranger Things collaboration was considered decent. The Netflix franchise carries a lot of elements that could have been added to Fortnite.

Instead, the player base was presented with Demogorgon and Chief Hopper skins, which were not what the community wanted. Loopers expected more such as LTMs and more evolution with weapons directly originating from the show.

9) Star-Lord


One of the first Marvel collaborations in Fortnite was the Star-Lord outfit in the Item Shop. The collaboration included a skin, glider, pickaxe, and a groovy Dance Off emote. The community appreciated these cosmetics except for Star-Lord himself.

Loopers noticed that the iconic character did not resemble what was presented as a skin to them in-game. Some players believed that the design was taken from the comics, but that was inaccurate. The overall design of the skin was a major letdown where loopers were not satisfied with buying it at all.

10) The Matrix


One of the most anticipated Fortnite collaborations was with The Matrix Resurrections movie. The protagonist Neo would have been an incredible addition to Fortnite, but the player base was only presented with three cosmetics.

These cosmetics included two emotes and one wrap. Players were saddened and disappointed because neither a skin from the original movie was released nor an LTM.

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