8 things only Fortnite OG players remember as of 2022

Fortnite OG Players have witnessed unique things in-game (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite OG Players have witnessed unique things in-game (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has evolved tremendously over the past few seasons. Each chapter brings new seasons that contain a new adventurous journey waiting for the player base.

Each season of the game brings everything from new weaponry items to different modes of mobility. The island also undergoes massive changes, either being destroyed, rebuilt, or completely flipped.

Interesting storylines and new game concepts keep loopers coming back to the game. The community has witnessed several events and items back in Chapter 1 that most of the player-base currently does not know of.

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8 things only OG Fortnite players remember currently

1) Friday Fortnite


Friday Fortnite is a fun concept that evolved around the days of chapter 1. It was breathtaking, as many popular streamers/content creators came together to compete in the event.

The event included players joining a squad match together, where they were separated into two teams and had to get more kills than the other team.

2) Rocket Riding


Rocket Riding was one of the best bugs in-game at the time. It was completely discovered by accident that it then grew into a method used by players worldwide. Even Epic themselves decided not to remove this bug as players enjoyed it to the core and had a lot of fun with their teammates and friends.

A bunch of memes and combat strategies were developed and carried on to other rockets.

3) Marshmello Event


The first ever live Fortnite event has only been experienced by lucky OG players. Before the game's mainstream collaborations, Marshmello entered the multiverse of the looped island and held his very own concert.

The concert was a major hit in the community, as loopers did not expect the game to present an event like this.

At this point in time, Marshmello skins were bought by many active players. It broke the world record for being the most viewed concert in history.

4) Wreck-it-Ralph secret cameo


OG Risky Reels, which had a giant screen, was used to present a cameo of the Disney film Wreck it Ralph.

The teaser, which appeared for a few seconds, included Ralph walking by in a hurry and waving to acknowledge the world of Fortnite while traveling through the video game multiverse.

5) Eye of the Storm Tracker


This item was extremely rare in Fortnite, as it only appeared on the island for 30 minutes. Players could use it to find the next storm circle and rotate early. This works similarly to the current in-game Storm Scout Sniper Rifle.

Many players in the OG community weren't able to witness or experience the item, which is now considered one of the rarest in the game.

6) Random Thanos gauntlet spawn


The first ever Fortnite and Marvel crossover took place with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The crossover allowed loopers to collect the Thanos gauntlet, which fell onto the island from the sky.

Ultimately, the player who wields it becomes Thanos himself. This was done during a normal Fortnite Battle Royale game with no extra elements to fight Thanos.

7) The Tragedy of Chappadoodle


The OG community still remembers the infamous Chappadoodle Rescue Mission. The mission was carried out by Muselk, an Australian content creator, while playing a solo match.

He stumbled upon a random player stuck downhill along the edge of the island and couldn't build back up because of the build limit that was placed underneath.

The rescue attempt was a success, but the execution wasn't on par. It was a fun and memorable moment where Fortnite also placed a tomb in the memory of Chappadoodle.

8) Zapatron


Zapatron was another rare item that was placed on the island for a couple of hours before it was vaulted. The item has only ever once appeared in Fortnite and never made a return in the succeeding seasons.

It was vaulted because it was an overpowered weapon that dealt 150 damage after charging it for several seconds.

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