5 most controversial Fortnite Skins you can use in-game

controversial fortnite skin
Controversial Fortnite Skins you may not know about (Image via Epic Games)

There is a wide assortment of controversial Fortnite Skins among the truckload of cosmetics poured into the game by Epic Games. The controversies arise from certain players taking umbrage at the connections and suspecting implications that cosmetics bear. While they are not intended, some of these cosmetics have had the Fortnite community up in arms and Epic Games had to outright ban some of them.

In this article, we will look at some of the most controversial Fortnite Skins you can use in the game.

Note: This list is not ranked and reflects the writer's opinion

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5 most controversial Fortnite Skins that you might like to use

Listed below are some of the most controversial Fortnite Skins that you can use in the game:

1) Rue

Rue (Image via Epic Games)
Rue (Image via Epic Games)

The controversy regarding Rue's ban and her ties with the German faction during the World War began on April 25, 2020, when this controversial Fortnite Skin was released in the game. Even with Travis Scott greatly overshadowing this simple cosmetic, Epic Games had to ban Rue as a media post pointed out a strong resemblance that this skin had with a Nazi outfit.

So, even though this skin will never return to the shop, if you bought Rue while she was available, you can play with her and march your way to a polished Victory Royale trophy.

2) Dragon Ruin Lance Harvesting Tool

Dragon Rune Lancer (Image via Epic Games)
Dragon Rune Lancer (Image via Epic Games)

This is one of the most pay-to-win experiences you could get inside of Fortnite. It was like using Dead Silence in Call of Duty. When you use the Dragon Ruin Lance Harvesting Tool Skin, your footsteps would become silent and you could jump unsuspecting enemies, getting an extremely undue advantage over people without this cosmetic.

People were misusing this effect in competitive tournaments but Epic Games eventually disabled this controversial Fortnite Skin completely. It was added back to the game after about a week with this silencing effect no longer allowing people to sneak up on enemies.

3) Orbital Abductor

Orbital Abductor (Image via Epic Games)
Orbital Abductor (Image via Epic Games)

The Orbital Abductor Skin was released on June 29, 2021, and like the previous entry, this gave you a pay-to-win edge over other players as it had a unique reactive nature to it. This Harvesting Tool Skin would react to any form of sound in the game, even to ones you normally would not hear.

For instance, the Orbital Abductor would react to people crouching and moving. You would even be able to hear enemies reviving their knocked teammates. This broke the game in many ways, as it allowed you to pinpoint enemy locations and inform you about looming dangers.

So, Epic Games had to remove this controversial Fortnite Skin from all game modes and add it back after fixing this issue.

4) Slurp Legends Skin pack

Slurp Legends (Image via Epic Games)
Slurp Legends (Image via Epic Games)

The pay-to-win Fortnite saga continues with the Slurp Legends Skin pack. It was found out on September 2, 2022, that using the Slurp Legends character skins with a Shadow Bomb would make them invisible even after the duration of the bomb. A slight portion of the head would be visible but with the rest of the body gone, it would be hard for enemies to spot players using this cosmetic.

Epic Games had to vault this controversial Fortnite Skin pack and put it back in the game about a week later after fixing the glitch that was causing this issue.

5) Star Wand Pickaxe

Star Wand (Image via Epic Games)
Star Wand (Image via Epic Games)

As seen in previous entries, it has been a common theme in Fortnite for Harvesting Tool skins to be overpowered and broken upon release. The same has been true for the Star Wand Pickaxe.

Using the Star Wand cosmetic on the Harvesting Tool would allow you to do ungodly portions of damage on the enemies. Each strike would dish out 56 ticks on the enemy and some critical hits would hit 84. This gave a crazy boost to people abusing this controversial Fortnite Skin and Epic Games had to take it off and fix the glitch.

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