Fortnite Alien Artifact locations: Every Alien Artifact from Weeks 1 to 10

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Season 7 brought a heaping invasion of aliens to Fortnite, equipped with their own technology, weapons, and disguises to infiltrate the world as players know it. As part of the Kymera skin that pairs with the alien invasion, players can find and obtain Artifacts to unlock cool customization options.

These artifacts will allow players to modify their Kymera skin with hundreds of different combinations in color, appearance, and style. With Season 7 ending soon, the Artifacts won't be available for much longer, so be sure to follow the guide below to grab everything Fortnite has to offer.

Where to find Alien Artifacts in Fortnite

Week 1

There are 5 artifact locations released for the first week of Fortnite's Season 7, and they sit in these places:

  • Right in the center of the map in an area known as the Aftermath
  • Southwest of Weeping Woods at a location called Durr Burger near the barn
  • A Spire near Believer Beach holds an Artifact in the staircase leading to the top
  • Catty Corner near a punching bag on the western side of the named location
  • In the Apple Orchard right above Corny Complex

Week 2

The second week of Season 7 brings 5 more artifact locations with a similar spread across the Fortnite map:

  • The first sits under Coral Castle near the cove on the edge of the map
  • Another can be found on the left island right above Misty Meadows
  • Next, head to the north of Retail Row between the mountains where a building sits
  • South of Corny Complex, the fourth sits near the river in a set of fields
  • Finally, the fifth rests north of Pleasant Park on near a ridge

Week 3

Week 3 spreads 4 more artifacts to new locations for players to obtain their Fortnite Kymera skin. These lie a little above ground, so some buildings may be required.

  • Coral Castle on the top floor of the ruined palace is where players can find one
  • One sits in a boat in Craggy Cliffs
  • The center building of Boney Burbs hosts another Artifact
  • Lastly, Slurpy Swamp hides one above player view in the building to the left

Week 4

3 of the Artifacts in the fourth week of Fortnite's Season 7 sit on the southern side of the map, so players can focus on one area when landing:

  • The first is in Holly Hedges under a metal covering
  • Next, another lies in Steamy Stacks on a blue pipe
  • Weeping Woods holds one inside the main building
  • Dirty Docks contains the fourth outside near a loading dock
  • On the north side of Lazy Lake, the fifth Artifact

Week 5

In contrast to Week 4, a good chunk of the artifacts in Week 5 are on the north side of the map.

  • Head to Misty Meadows and break open the roof of the clock tower to find the first artifact
  • The second sits near Believer Beach in a house with a green alien painted on it
  • The south side of Retail Row contains the next artifact in the bus depot
  • Under the pavilion in Pleasant Park, Fortnite players can find another artifact
  • To the north of Dinky Dish, the fifth artifact sits near the coast

Week 6

The outskirts of the Fortnite map hold the most artifacts in Week 6 with the exception of the Corny Complex and Dirty Dish.

  • The first sits on the island on the southwest part of the map
  • The lighthouse on the coast hosts another
  • Players can find a third on the snowy mountains in the southeast side of the map
  • Find the next in Corny Complex in the western fields
  • Head east afterwards to find the last near the purple forest

Week 7

The Week 7 Artifacts almost make a perfect 'X' shape across the Fortnite map without any major location named, except for Slurpy Swamp.

  • The Slurpy Swamp Artifact lies to the southwest part of the location
  • The snowy mountains host an Artifact to their south on the larger island nearby
  • The third sits near the river under the Aftermath area
  • Dinky Dish holds the next one to the north of Corny Complex
  • Stealthy Stronghold is where players can find the final Artifact of Week 7

Week 8

Week 8's artifacts circle over the Fortnite map, hovering above Lazy Lake, Corny Complex, and Boney Burbs.

  • Find the first between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows at Hydro 16
  • Head north to the left of Boney Burbs to grab the next
  • Corny Complex pulls another close to it to the northwest
  • Dockside Dish holds the next right under its platform
  • Then, head to the river to the east of Fortnite's Misty Meadows to find the last one

Week 9

4 out of the 5 artifacts in Week 9 make a curved line that looks like a smile right in the center of the map.

  • The first sits in Fortnite's Gas 'N Grub to the north of Lazy Lake
  • Defiant Dish to the east of Weeping Woods contains the next right on top of the satellite dish
  • Weeping Woods itself holds another on the west side of the river
  • The fourth Artifact sits on the west coast in a yellow shack
  • The island to the far north holds the final one in a raised building near the water

Week 10

Week 10's Fortnite artifacts are spread thin over the extreme coasts, making it a tough journey to find them all in one match.

  • 2 Artifacts can be found on the southeast side of the map where the snowy mountains exist
  • The next lies to the southeast of Weeping Woods near the road
  • Slurpy Swamp holds one on the far west coast near the water
  • The final one has been seen on the far north island of Coral Castle

Fortnite may not unveil any more artifacts as the season comes to a close, so set a course for all of the ones labeled above to unlock as many Kymera customization options as possible.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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