Fortnite Batman Zero Point: Fortnite's Fishstick dies an untimely death in issue #5

Fortnite Batman Zero Point: Fortnite
Fortnite Batman Zero Point: Fortnite's Fishstick dies an untimely death in issue #5 (Image via Sportskeeda
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 02 May 2021

Recently, the fifth issue of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics was leaked on social media, and it features the first death in the series.

Fishstick, one of the most popular characters in the Fortnite universe, apparently dies in the fifth issue. The cover picture features a grieving Batman holding Fishstick's corpse. This striking imagery has shocked the Fortnite community.

Data miners also revealed that the fifth issue of the Batman Fortnite Zero Point comic series has two cover images. It was subsequently discovered that the cover image with the Donald Mustard Card Stock variant features Batman, Fishstick, and Catwoman.

Already, there are numerous theories about Fishstick's death on social media. This article will discuss some of the most credible theories related to the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic series.

Fortnite Batman Zero Point: Fishstick dies in issue #5 and Joker might be the real villain in the comic books

Leaked images from issue #5 of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point show Batman mourning Fishstick's death. It also features Catwoman, who is shocked after witnessing Fishstick's demise.

The canonical death of one of Fortnite's iconic characters points at something significant about Zero Point. Twitter user @RiftyDraws posted his theory and it reveals why Fishstick's death was inevitable in the Fortnite universe.

At some point in the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book series, Batman and Fishstick team up to escape the loop. They managed to leave Fortnite Island along with Catwoman. However, Fishstick dies instantly after coming outside, proving that Fortnite characters can only exist inside the loop.

This theory seems to be perfect as it answers numerous questions about Fortnite's simulation. The Imagined Order controls the simulation to keep these characters inside the loop. Since Agent Jonesy is from the real world, he can survive even after coming out of the simulation.

While this theory rests entirely on the assumption that Fortnite characters do not survive outside the loop, it needs evidence. Players can expect Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic series to reveal numerous lore-related secrets.

Similarly, @JayKeyFN provided another theory that appeals to Batman comic book fans. The theory states that issue #5 of Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book will be similar to the DC animated movie "Batman: A Death In The Family" released in 2020. This storyline was also followed in the DC comic books.

In the movie, Robin dies instead of Fishstick. This was one of the most tragic deaths in the DC Universe, and it was followed by the introduction of Red Hood (Jason Todd). In the movie, the Joker is responsible for Robin's death.

In issue #1 of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book, Harley Quinn revealed that some of her villain friends have already entered the loop. Fans have connected this plotline to the Last Laugh Bundle in Fortnite featuring the Joker and Poison Ivy.

This theory reveals that Joker will be one of the main villains in the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book series. However, it doesn't clarify whether he will be responsible for Fishstick's death. It is rumored that the fifth and sixth issues will reveal major antagonists in the Fortnite Batman Zero Point storyline.

The only good news for fans is that there is a chance that Fishstick might return. In the movie, Batman witnesses Jason Todd's death as the Joker planted explosives all around the building. DC fans expected the young Robin to die in the explosion, but he survives only to return as the vengeful and blood-thirsty Red Hood.

Fans may get to witness something similar, like a different version of Fishstick in the Fortnite universe. The publishers might have a Red Hood story arc ready for the character in Season 7 but fans will have to wait for now.

Fishstick's death marks the first casualty in the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book series. Only time will reveal how Batman plans to avenge Fishstick in the next issue of the comic book series.

Published 02 May 2021
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