Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration seemingly in development 

Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration seemingly in development  (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration could be in development (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

As per information shared by veteran leaker/data-miner iFireMonkey, a Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration is seemingly in development. This was brought to light after a TikTok video was posted from Youtooz's official account. In it, the character known as Brite Bomber can be seen doing an emote. However, there was no physical figure to be showcased, but rather a digital drawing.

Based on the video, it is clear that this has ties with Fortnite, but it is unclear if it is in any official capacity. Since fans often create artwork based on characters seen in-game, this could be one such incident.

Furthermore, there is nothing on Youtooz's or Epic Games' official website hinting at a collaboration. Since Brite Bomber has only been showcased via a digital painting, it signals that a physical figurine has still not been created or is still in the early stages of development. As such, the Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration could be unofficial at the moment.

Disclaimer: This article is speculative in nature. Readers are advised to take the information with a grain of salt.

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What could fans expect from an official Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration?

Given that Youtooz specializes in creating custom figures/figurines of characters from brands and franchises, an official collaboration would feature individuals from Fortnite. As seen in the post, Brite Bomber was seen emoting. As such, other characters from the Metaverse could be drawn similarly.

Once the design is confirmed, they could be 3D printed and brought to life. Given the sheer volume of characters present in the Metaverse, there would be many to choose from.

On that note, Brite Bomber will probably be the character of choice given how popular she is. She was even used to promote LEGO Fortnite back in December of 2023. Other popular characters would include Midas, Jonesy, The Foundation, and perhaps even Doctor Slone.

If a Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration does indeed take place, the final product would be up for sale to the general public. Some even could be gifted to content creators and influencers to help promote the crossover. All in all, it would be very wholesome as Youtooz is rather popular.

That being said, a Fortnite x Youtooz collaboration could be in the works, but there are no Fortnite leaks to back up these claims. As mentioned previously, the artists could simply be designing characters from Fortnite. Since this has become a norm within the larger community, it could just be a personal project.

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