"He is the chosen one": Fortnite community reacts to player one-shotting Megalo Don's Behemoth

"He is the chosen one": Fortnite community reacts to player one shotting Megalo Don
Megalo Don's Behemoth did not stand a chance against this Fortnite player (Image via Epic Games)

With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, Epic Games has introduced a level of vehicular warfare that has never been seen in the game before. Players are rushing to acquire powerful cars and vehicle mods in their pursuit of the Victory Royale. Among these newly introduced vehicles is the Megalo Don's Behemoth, one of the three Mythic Nitro Cars in Chapter 5 Season 3.

While Megalo Don's Behemoth is undoubtedly a powerful vehicle, it seems to have its share of weaknesses. This is highlighted in a recent Reddit post shared by u/Benaar406, where the player can be seen in a solo Zero Build match in Chapter 5 Season 3, wearing the Kit skin and driving Megalo Don's Behemoth.

As an enemy approached the play, u/Benaar406 prepared to engage using the Grenade Launcher Turret on their vehicle. However, to their surprise, the enemy was able to run into them with their own modded-out vehicle and destroy Megalo Don's Behemoth in the blink of an eye, eliminating them in the process.

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The moment, while confusing, has captured the attention of players in the Reddit community, with u/Kingm4tt recognizing the improbability of the situation and jokingly stating:

"He is the chosen one"
Comment byu/Benaar406 from discussion inFortNiteBR
Comments from the community (Image via Reddit/Benaar406)
Comments from the community (Image via Reddit/Benaar406)

Other members of the community also chimed in to express their opinions on the bizarre yet intriguing moment, with Redditor u/Fierceteam404 jokingly celebrating the fact that there is a way to counter cars in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Meanwhile, u/lynxsrevenge suggested that the moment could be caused by a glitch since the player's Behemoth was at full health and can take a lot of damage.

u/13TheGreenMan, on the other hand, pointed out how the player's Behemoth was not destroyed in one shot as the enemy player's vehicle had the Spiked Bumper Vehicle Mod equipped. This powerful attachment, mixed with the player's own grenade shots from the Grenade Launcher Turret, might have caused the Behemoth to be destroyed so easily.

Referencing how the moment perfectly captures the vehicular madness of Chapter 5 Season 3, Redditor u/MarkeezPlz simply reacted by stating:

"This season in a nutshell"

How to get Megalo Don's Behemoth in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Megalo Don's Behemoth (Image via Epic Games)
Megalo Don's Behemoth (Image via Epic Games)

Megalo Don's Behemoth is one of three Mythic Nitro Cars introduced in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, with the vehicle being completely modded out for maximum efficiency while having infinite Nitro.

To acquire the Behemoth, you will have to find and defeat Megalo Don to acquire his Medallion. Megalo Don can be found at Brutal Beachhead, one of the new locations introduced in Chapter 5 Season 3. Here, players can engage in combat with Megalo Don and then unlock his garage using the Medallion to acquire the Behemoth.

However, there is also a possibility that Megalo Don is on patrol on the Island with the War Bus. Players have to find him and eliminate him to get their hands on the Behemoth.

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