5 common mistakes Free Fire players make while pushing to Heroic

Avoid these mistakes when attempting to push to Heroic rank in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid these mistakes when attempting to push to Heroic rank in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Pushing to Heroic rank is no easy task, even for seasoned veterans in Free Fire. Given the challenges ahead, most simply give up even before reaching halfway to their goal. Even though things may seem impossible, there are ways to push to Heroic.

The task can be achieved using numerous combat strategies, good character builds, and teamwork. However, the most important thing to do is stop making silly mistakes. More often than not, players don't succeed due to these mistakes. Identifying and limiting them makes the odds of successfully pushing to the Heroic tier easier.


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Avoid making these mistakes in Free Fire to be able to reach the Heroic rank

5) Underestimating their opponents in combat


One of the major mistakes that Free Fire players commit in ranked matches is underestimating their opponents. Rather than ruthlessly engaging in combat and eliminating them, some players tend to toy with the enemy. If the player knows exactly what they are doing, nothing goes wrong.

However, the enemy can pull off a '180' in certain situations and counter-attack the player with ease. At the spur of the moment, the player is overwhelmed and is unable to fight back efficiently. If their luck holds out, retreat will be an option, or a swift elimination will await them.

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4) Choosing bad routes to rotate from


When playing a ranked match, being able to traverse a map will matter a lot. Moving from one location to the other safely will be of the utmost importance. Sadly, most players fail to execute this task with a strategy. They set a marker on the map and rotate.

While it may work in most instances, players can sometimes get ambushed and killed by opponents. Furthermore, choosing a bad rotational route will cause the players to run into environmental obstacles or get stuck on low ground. This may cause them to get stuck outside the safe zone and die of zone damage.

3) Not being consistent throughout the season


To rank up, players need to accumulate points during the season. The more points obtained, the higher the rank reached. Players need to be consistent in their gameplay and score kills in every match to do this. Unfortunately, many players tend to avoid playing for days, given how challenging ranked matches are.

This eventually slows down the entire rank push and makes it impossible to reach the Heroic rank in the ongoing season. Moreover, even if the player attempts a mad dash to victory at the last moment, things will only worsen. They are likely to die in every match in a hurry-scurry and ruin their K/D ratio.

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2) Playing with a mediocre squad


Playing with a squad is a fun way to level up in Free Fire. It makes rank pushes less monotonous and allows players to assume different roles within the team's hierarchy. While this sounds good, there are several drawbacks to playing with a squad, especially an untrained one.

In hopes of building a squad, many players form teams with friends. Together, they try and rank-push to reach the desired rank tier. While training and hours of practice will ensure individual proficiency, playing as a squad is more demanding. It requires flawless communication and coordination, something that not every team can learn.

1) Having no gameplay strategy


When climbing up through the ranks in Free Fire, players often rely solely on gunplay to win. While this works, it's only valid until a certain point and time. As opponents become tougher, simply shooting at them will not result. This is where strategies have to be used.

At certain times, a simple positioning strategy or rotation is more effective than all the weapons in the game combined. This will allow players to overcome impossible odds and secure Booyahs in every match. While many professional players utilize strategies to win, most players remain dependent on outdated techniques.

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Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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