5 best phones to play Fortnite on (2022)

With no iOS options, it's getting tougher to choose a phone (Image via Sportskeeda)
With no iOS options, it's getting tougher to choose a phone (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite took the world by storm when it launched on the phone. It came on Android much later and as a timed exclusive for the Samsung Galaxy series of phones. A lot has changed since then - phones are no longer plagued with frame rate issues and high refresh rate screens are everywhere. The biggest shocker in Fortnite's history has been its removal from the iOS App Store.

Yes, fans can no longer play Fortnite on iOS devices. Fortnite’s developer - Epic Games filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple for charging a 30% revenue cut on every in-app sale. Apple, as expected, ended up winning the bout by filing a countersuit.

For now, Android phones are the only go-to option that mobile gamers can choose from, but there are a lot of issues pertaining to thermal performance in the latest and greatest Android flagships. So, it’s is paramount that one chooses a device carefully, not overlooking any con that might end up ruining their gaming experience.

Best phones for Fortnite across a diverse price range

This list is in no particular order. However, to ensure there’s something for everyone, at every price-point, a diverse array of phones have been included:

1) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - $1200

Looks clean in white (Image via Amazon)
Looks clean in white (Image via Amazon)

If you are in the market for a flagship-grade Android smartphone that you can have the most fun playing Fortnite on, then look no further than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It features a best in-class 6.8” sAMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 hz and an unmatched peak brightness of 1750 nits.

What are esthetics without a powerful brain to power it all? As expected, the S22 Ultra comes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Samsung’s very own - Exynos 2200. In India and the US, it ships with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which is said to be marginally faster at multi-core performance. It’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with the best that Qualcomm has to offer. The thermals, too, have vastly improved from the 888 generation.

I really wasn't joking.Galaxy S22 Ultra (actually, the Galaxy S22 series) is the first Samsung phone that can match iPhones launched a few months prior (in this case, iPhone 13 Pro series).Never seen this phone slowed down, even when the phone is heating up.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is hands down, the best phone to play Fortnite on.

2) ASUS ROG Phone 5s - $1,099

Beefy monster (Image via ASUS)
Beefy monster (Image via ASUS)

Gaming phones are touted as the best way to experience mobile gaming but it’s a sentiment that I strongly disagree with. Well, at least until the ROG Phone 5s came out. Due to being powered by Snapdragon 888 Plus, there were initially concerns for the thermals, but all the speculation was mostly laid to waste thanks to ROG Phone 5s heat dissipation and updates to the 888 Plus. It must be noted that it can still get hot to touch.

ROG also sells AeroActive Cooler 5, an accessory sold separately. The creators say it can help deliver more airflow directly to the hotspots on the back of the device. And hey, better thermals = better performance.

Interesting features like AirTriggers (shoulder buttons) make sure that you have an added advantage when you’re playing Fortnite. But please, don’t consider that the ROG Phone 5s has an excellent battery life or for anything other than gaming.

3) OnePlus 10 Pro - $899

The flagship killer is now a flagship (Image via OnePlus)
The flagship killer is now a flagship (Image via OnePlus)

The OnePlus 10 Pro pushes the same narrative that OnePlus adopted ever since it stopped being a brand that only catered to enthusiasts - high-end specs for a marginally lower price than the mainline ultra-flagships.

It offers Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 8/12GB RAM, a massive 6.7” 120 hz panel and a long-lasting 5000 mah battery - this might be perceived as overkill for something like Fortnite. However, given 8 Gen 1's thermal throttling, this will ensure you have enough headroom for the future.

It also comes with 80W SUPERVOOC charging that fully charges the device in less than 40 minutes. This means that your gaming sessions can be done much more frequently. Moreover, the device feautres an all glass, frosted back. It sure looks cool, but sweaty gaming hands plus a glass back is a recipe for disaster. We recommend using a good TPU while gaming.

4) realme GT 2 Pro - $657

The most Premium Flagship ever by realme, the #realmeGT2Pro!#GreaterThanYouSee

It’s plain and simple with realme - novelty hardware for affordable rates. GT 2 Pro comes bearing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, coupled with 8/12 GB RAM. For approximately $660 or ₹49,999, this is, proverbially, the very definition of value for money. The display is a 2K AMOLED panel and a commonplace 120 hz refresh rates comes as the default.

The law of diminishing returns is a good way to understand that you really don’t gain much by getting the latest and greatest and it is, in fact, better to get upper mid-range products to get better value for your money.

5) Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - $699

The Galaxy S21 FE features the Snapdragon 888 (Image via Samsung)
The Galaxy S21 FE features the Snapdragon 888 (Image via Samsung)

The most reliable phone on this list has the be the S21 FE. Samsung’s One UI has come a long way, as evident by quick software updates (sometimes even faster than Google’s own Pixel 6), and a mostly bug-free experience. Yes, the materials might feel like a downgrade compared to the flagships but for a gamer, a polycarbonate back is preferred because of better durabiliy. Rage quits don't stand a chance.

With the FE series, Samsung strikes a logical compromise with a yesteryear's processor with all the bells and whistles of today. And if you’d ask me, Snapdragon 888 with a stunning 120 hz display is a recipe for a good gaming experience.

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