Razer vs Logitech: Which brand is better for a gaming mouse?

Who does gaming mice better? (Image via The Provoked Prawn/YouTube)
Who does gaming mice better? (Image via The Provoked Prawn/YouTube)

Two of the biggest names in the gaming industry are Razer and Logitech. Both brands have been making mice, keyboards, headsets, and more for decades, competing to be on top in the gaming peripherals market. Over the years, Razer and Logitech have improved their products with innovation and creative engineering, but consumers do not have a clear answer about who does it better.

Razer was founded in San Diego, California to develop high-end computer gaming mice, and their target audience was gamers. Their mouse production started in 2000, but it wasn't until six years later that they released the Razer Deathadder, which became the best-selling mouse of all time with more than 10 million units sold.

Logitech was founded in 1981 in Switzerland and was created to manufacture computer peripherals. Logitech invented the industry's first thumb-operated trackball, laser mouse, and infrared cordless mouse. Since then, they have been releasing top-quality products that are the go-to choice for many gamers in the market.

Both Razer and Logitech are the gaming industry's pioneers


Picking the best mouse from both companies and comparing them is one way of finding out if there is a winner. However, one may wonder what makes a mouse the best in the industry. The best mice are the lightest, have a comfortable shape and size, have the most responsive sensor, lowest response times, buttons that feel good, and unique features with lasting quality.

The best mouse from Razer to date is arguably the Razer Viper V2 Pro, which was released in May of this year. The mouse features a minimal design that only lacks RGB. It is packed with the latest technology that shoots down response time to just 0.2 ms and has a comfortable ergonomic design that fits most hand sizes. The specifications of the mouse are:

Maximum DPI30000
Battery Life80 hours
Programmable Buttons5

The G Pro X Superlight can be considered Logitech's best gaming mouse, which is one of the lightest mice on the market at the highest quality. It is another minimal mouse that has no RGB, but a comfortable ergonomic design suited for right-handed gamers. The mouse is a weapon of choice for many professional gamers including s1mple, CS:GO's top prodigy. The specifications of the mouse are:

Maximum DPI25000
Battery Life70 hours
Programmable Buttons5

Both these mice have the perfect combination of performance and comfort, with similar specifications and ergonomics. Neither of the mice can be considered cheap because they are manufactured with top-quality materials and components and consumers have to pay a premium to buy them. Between these two mice, it is a subjective choice that is up to the consumers. So, if the best mice from the brands do not have a clear winner, other aspects need to be factored in.



Logitech and Razer both have a single software that assists the user in managing peripherals. Razer Synapse 3.0 is the latest software that has all the necessary features and customizations including Razer Chroma for RGB and specific settings for each of their products. Synapse software has a UI that is easy to navigate through, which does the job without taking extra steps. The only issue with Razer's software is that it is known to crash a lot and stutter when the system is under load.

Logitech's software name is G Hub, which is a single portal for optimizing and customizing the settings of all Logitech mice and other peripherals. The software has been optimized well to the point where users will never notice any lag or stutter and rarely experience any crashes. In terms of UI, it is simple and lets users customize and edit all the supported settings.

Range of mice

The different versions of the Razer Viper (Image via Razer)
The different versions of the Razer Viper (Image via Razer)

The majority of Logitech mice are not for gaming, as the company has consumers in fields other than the gaming industry as well. Logitech manufactures mice for office and casual use as well. While the company's gaming mice are of top quality, they do not offer as many options as Razer does when it comes to gaming.

Razer is a brand that solely focuses on gaming. The majority of Razer users are gamers as their products are created for gaming and are optimized for each genre of games. As for mice, they have a plethora of choices for every type of gamer. Although Logitech does offer at least one mouse for every genre, Razer has multiple options, giving consumers more freedom in choosing a mouse.

In terms of price range, both brands offer budget mice that maintain quality and performance and top-of-the-line mice that are expensive but offer the best performance in the industry.


There is no denying that both companies produce high-quality devices. Every year, there is a device that is better than the one before, and the innovation simply does not stop. It is hard to say which brand is better and which is worse because it depends on the consumer's needs, and if you are looking to buy a gaming mouse, you cannot go wrong with either of the brands.

That being said, the only advice that is suitable for separating these two manufacturers is that if you are looking for a mouse solely for gaming, Razer is the better choice, but if you will be juggling between work and gaming, Logitech mice are the better choice.

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