3 locations from previous games that GTA 6 can possibly revisit

GTA 6 isn't coming anytime soon (Image via BroRainbows, Reddit)
GTA 6 isn't coming anytime soon (Image via BroRainbows, Reddit)

There has been much speculation regarding the setting of GTA 6. Although Vice City seems to be the most probable location, there are also other places to consider.

The GTA games have presented several convincing game worlds based on real-life locations. Rockstar has often received widespread critical acclaim for its maps. GTA 6 is expected to feature an equally breathtaking game world, if not better.

All of the 2D maps featured in the first GTA game have been recreated in the 3D Universe. Similarly, the HD Universe has been rebooting the same maps from the previous games. This raises a question regarding the possible map for the next title: Should Rockstar turn to one of its prior maps for GTA 6, and if so, which one?

GTA 6 should incorporate these locations from previous titles

3) Las Venturas


Las Venturas was the first city in the series to include a desert environment. It was introduced with GTA San Andreas as a city-based in Las Vegas. It was the final city to be unlocked in the game and had access to several casinos.

What made this city even better was the series of missions that took place here. This also included the first elaborate heist in a GTA game, after which CJ made a return to Los Santos. It would be exciting to see GTA 6 bring back the iconic city of fortune.

2) San Fierro


San Fierro was a unique city in GTA San Andreas. Its steep roads, tram lines, frequent rainstorms, and the Gant Bridge overlooking the city make it easily memorable. Most GTA fans would agree that the missions in San Fierro were also some of the best in the game.

San Fierro would make an excellent setting for GTA 6, and it would almost certainly be well-received by fans.

1) Vice City


Vice City is the only GTA location that hasn't yet been remade in the HD Universe. This makes it the most probable location for the next game. Almost every GTA 6 leaker, both credible and untrustworthy, agrees on this point. The map's appeal stemmed not just from its location but also its 80s setting and epic storyline.

The next title might not bring back the neon dream of the 80s, but it would still be nostalgic enough. Vice City is one of those locations that every GTA player loves, and it is sure to excite everyone if the next title brings it back.

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