3 major reasons why alleged GTA 5 APK download links on the internet are fake

There is no Android port of GTA 5 and all APK download links are fake (Image via Sportskeeda)
There is no Android port of GTA 5 and all APK download links are fake (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rajarshi Acharya

Whenever a mobile gamer searches for a GTA 5 Android download, the internet presents several results, claiming to contain original files. However, as veteran gamers know, every one of these links is clickbait.

They either provide a modded version of GTA San Andreas or will contain harmful viruses. Hence, gamers are strongly recommended to avoid clicking on these links.

GTA 5 APK download links are fake because

3) Rockstar has never released GTA 5 on Android


Most GTA fans are aware that GTA 5 was never released for mobile devices, Android or iOS. This is a place where mobile gamers should be mindful. No one can claim to have the APK link for a game version that does not exist.

The downloaded game is generally a modded GTA San Andreas on Android. This is done so the file looks legitimate to most. Upon seeing a large OBB file along with an APK, many players would believe that they're downloading the actual game.

2) These websites are only interested in generating traffic


Gamers might be curious to know why these uploaders bother to create such elaborate scams. The reason for this is to generate clicks on their website. These sites are usually loaded with ads. Random pop-ups may appear incessantly at times.

The site managers earn a profit by allowing these ads on their websites. The more clicks they can generate on their pages, the more ads they will get. Hence, they often come up with misleading page titles by following popular trends.

1) The file sizes are always suspicious


Those who have previously downloaded GTA San Andreas will immediately recognize these download links as fake. The sizes of these GTA 5 APK and OBB files are suspiciously similar to San Andreas. This should be reason enough for suspicion, as GTA 5 is nothing like San Andreas with respect to graphical quality and game mechanics.

The game would be much larger than any other game in the series if it were to be ported to mobile. On a PC, it takes up around 100 GB of disk space, so a mobile port, even if it doesn't include the Online mode, would be significantly heavy.

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