5 most active Indian GTA RP servers in July 2021

To play GTA RP, players need to join a modded GTA RP server (Image via Reddit)
To play GTA RP, players need to join a modded GTA RP server (Image via Reddit)

GTA RP has revitalized GTA 5, which is almost a decade old now. Many veteran players returned to experience role-playing, while some new players picked up the game to give role-playing a shot.

GTA RP isn't an actual game mode in GTA but can be played by joining a GTA RP server. These servers are modded FiveM servers with their character builders, animations, physics and rules.

Players require a legitimate copy of GTA 5 on PC and should go through the server whitelisting process as it is necessary to start role-playing on a server.

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Most played Indian GTA RP servers in July 2021

1) Subversion RP India (SVRP)

The Subversion RP India and Pakistan server is one of the most prominent GTA RP servers in India. It hosts many popular Indian streamers like RakaZone Gaming, Qayzar Gaming and TbOne. These streamers often play on the server, and their characters are well known.

SVRP is going through a major overhaul right with the release of SVRP 3.0 right around the corner, and its character creation is live right now.

2) Legacy RP India

Legacy RP India is a prevalent server in India with over 30K members.

The server has had its fair share of streamers on it, like RakaZone Gaming and Sikhwarrior.

The recurring issue with this server is that players often complain about grinders who usually don't pay attention to role-playing and constantly break the immersion for others.

It got so bad that RakaZone Gaming left the server in 2020 after being penalized for breaking a rule which he thought "was stupid."

3) Exo Life RP

Exo Life is another popular server for GTA RP in India. It was created in 2020 and quickly blew, with the server having over 10,000 members as of July 2021.

The server has seen the likes of RakaZone Gaming, Dynamo Gaming and Shreeman Legend play on it.

4) Indian RolePlay Server (IRPS)

This server is not as big as the others on this list, but it does have a good community. IRPS hasn't hosted any popular streamers or YouTubers yet, but the server runners try their hardest to make the server fun for all.

It is excellent for players who are new to RP so they can learn the ropes and not be insulted or kicked for breaking the rules. Due to the server being small, the mods are slightly flexible with the rules and forgive mistakes.

5) Hydra Town Roleplay (HTRP)

Hydra Town RP was created by popular streamer Dynamo Gaming, one of India's biggest gaming content creators with a subscriber base of 9.84 million subscribers.

The server has over 40,000 members, including popular streamers like ROCK3T, Logan Gaming, Cosmic YT and Dynamo himself. The catch with this server is that it is family-friendly, so gamers need to control their language while playing on this server.

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