5 best contact missions for beginners in GTA Online in 2021

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

GTA Online features a number of fun activities for players to enjoy aside from the deadly missions that require quite a bit of grinding, and contact missions make for some of the most enjoyable quests.

Though these missions don't quite pay as much as some of the more rewarding jobs in GTA Online, they will certainly get the player into that Grand Theft Auto grind.

This article highlights 5 contact missions that beginners can grind to level up in GTA Online.

5 best contact missions for beginners in GTA Online in 2021

#5 Blow Up:


Blow Up is one of the most popular contact missions in GTA Online as it's quite easy to grind and doesn't require any expert skills.

Blow up features Simeon Yetarian, the owner of Premium Deluxe Motorsport, who is unhappy with a certain dealership down on Strawberry Avenue. Yetarian, not surprisingly, doesn't like being messed with and won't rest until all the dealership's vehicles are destroyed.

Blow up unlocks at level 12 in GTA Online and allows up to two players.

#4 Pier Pressure


Nobody enjoys Pier Pressure.

This GTA Online mission requires the player to infiltrate a drug meeting in Los Santos, hosted by the Lost and the Vagos. The objective is to steal a mysterious package that contains methamphetamine and deliver it to Gerald's place.

Pier Pressure unlocks at level six in GTA Online and allows up to four players.

#3 Simeonomics


Simeonomics is the mission every novice player should complete at least once before plunging headfirst into the sprawling universe of GTA Online.

Not only does it teach the player the basic ropes of stealing and driving a car, it also offers a generous cash-out for a job that anyone could do perfectly well. Definitely one of the best beginner missions in GTA Online.

#2 Ballas to the Wall


There's nothing GTA Online players love more than total anarchy, and Ballas to the Wall features just the right amount of chaos.

The objective is to steal a car that was taken from Simeon by the Ballas, who are keeping it over on Jamestown Street. The player can either kill all the Ballas or make a quick escape. They will earn a sizable reward as long as they bring the car back to Simeon at his dealership.

Ballas to the Wall unlocks at level 3 in GTA Online and allows up to two players.

#1 Learning the Ropes


As the name suggests, this mission, in more ways than one, teaches players the ropes of surviving in a world as fraught with danger as GTA Online.

The job is given to the player by Gerald, who needs a skilled thief to steal the drugs from a drug meeting under the Olympic Freeway.

Completing this mission will also allow the player to explore Los Santos in GTA Online.

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