5 characters in the GTA series players couldn't wait to kill

Each GTA villain brings something new to the table and accomplishes their goal in various ways (Image via Rockstar Games)
Each GTA villain brings something new to the table and accomplishes their goal in various ways (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

Every good story is always made all the more stronger with a compelling villain, and GTA has plenty of those. They range from notorious, hair-trigger temper drug lords to self-indulgent, narcissistic power maniacs, and Rockstar Games never fails to get a reaction out of players.

The purpose of a villain is to motivate players to play through the story just to watch them get their comeuppance at the end of it all. The GTA franchise's villains have a tougher job than most since players can potentially spend weeks in the game world without doing so much as a single story mission.

It is then up to the villain to make sure that they are evil enough to motivate players to get through the story. Each GTA villain brings something new to the table and accomplishes their goal in a variety of ways.

These are some of the most detested villains in the GTA series that fans couldn't wait to get even with.

Five characters in the GTA series players couldn't wait to kill

#5 - Devin Weston


Devin Weston is what happens when a narcissistic, self-serving egomaniac is allowed to run rampant in the world, and is even rewarded for being a deplorable human being. Weston has minimal regard for human life or conducting himself as a professional businessman, as he often cheats his own allies out of big paydays.

Weston perhaps wasn't the best-written character in the series, but he certainly riled up the players. His general existence was of annoyance to the player, and they couldn't help but feel like bashing his face in every time he opened his mouth to speak.

#4 - Big Smoke


The knife that cuts the deepest is often one that players don't see coming. While Big Smoke's betrayal is revealed fairly early on in GTA San Andreas, it didn't fail to fuel players with hatred throughout the rest of the game against him.

During the events of GTA San Andreas, the player and CJ discover that it was ultimately Big Smoke who had betrayed the Grove Street Families. He was also responsible for the death of CJ's mother after a hit on Sweet had gone wrong.

This is reason enough for players to absolutely detest Big Smoke in GTA San Andreas. Still, it is ultimately his inability to shoot properly that players hold the biggest grudge against.

His lack of expertise on guns, as well as his subsequent comments on CJ's driving abilities during "Wrong Side of the Tracks," begets death by a thousand cuts, or bullets.

#3 - Dimitri Rascalov


Dimitri is perhaps the best-written villain in the entire GTA franchise and one that was almost too cool to be hated. His friendly demeanor towards the player quickly evaporates as he reveals himself to be a turncoat, and he repeatedly puts Niko's life in threat during the events of GTA 4.

Dimitri double triple-crosses everyone he ever allies with in the game, making for a highly untrustworthy character. Despite being an all-around evil person to Niko and his loved ones, Dimitri still manages to be one of the coolest characters in the game, which is the only reason why players would want him around.

However, Dimitri's end is one of the most satisfying moments in GTA 4 and one that players had probably dreamed about during their entire time in the game. The only reason he isn't at the top of the list is that he is still a certain kind of cool.

#2 - Ricardo Diaz


Ricardo Diaz might not have been the brains behind the organization in GTA Vice City, but he certainly brought a level of unpredictability to the game. His hair-trigger temper mixed with a cocaine habit makes for an extremely unpredictable character that can fly off the handle at any given moment.

Although he only appeared briefly in GTA Vice City, he is the first big baddie that players went up against. He is the catalyst to the game's events and one that never fails to bring attention to himself. Loud, obnoxious, and thoroughly annoying, players couldn't wait to put a bullet in his head.

If for nothing else, but to get the keys to his Scarface-like mansion, which Tommy takes over once he and Lance take Diaz out.

#1 - Officer Frank Tenpenny


Officer Frank Tenpenny is a corrupt police officer who pretty much makes CJ's life an absolute living nightmare. It was already pretty intense that Grove Street and CJ had to deal with the Ballas, but Tenpenny's presence only made matters far worse.

He threatens and coerces CJ and the rest of the gang to do his bidding and give him a significant cut of the action. He is also responsible for most of the misery in CJ's life as he completely uproots his life in Grove Street. At several points in GTA San Andreas, Tenpenny forces Carl to do things he isn't uncomfortable with.

This is why it is so satisfying to watch him fall at the end of the game at the player's and CJ's hands.

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