5 best GTA 5 mod menus in September 2021

A mod menu is an essential tool that every player should install if they are modding the game (image via
A mod menu is an essential tool that every player should install if they are modding the game (image via
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GTA 5 is now more popular than ever, thanks to an ever-growing player base.

As Rockstar slowed down the game's updates, the GTA modding community began creating their own mods to add extra content.

The following is a list of the best GTA 5 mod menus that can be downloaded and used in the game.

Best mod menus for GTA 5

1) Menyoo PC


Menyoo PC is the most widely used GTA 5 mod menu. It can be tough for some gamers to select between this and Simple Trainer, though Menyoo PC is generally the preferred option because it provides more features.

In this menu, players can manipulate the weather and toggle God mode, allowing them to do whatever they want within the game. They can also use this mod to tweak the game's textures to make it look more realistic.

This trainer has everything that a player is looking for. Many GTA 5 videos have been created entirely on Menyoo PC.

2) Simple Trainer


Simple Trainer is a very basic mod menu with a lot of options making it perfect for beginners to use. Players can change the appearance of their characters once the mod is installed.

They can change the game's HUD to include a speedometer and choose whether to display it in kmph or mph. Other options like god mode, adding money to the game, and customisation are all available.

Another advantage is the trainer's regular upgrades, which introduce new functions. This mod menu was updated as recently as August 2021.

3) Kingpin Menu


With this mod, players are allowed to alter several aspects of the game, including weather, customized vehicles, and time. It also includes a gravity gun, which allows players to teleport to any position on the map.

The Kingpin menu allows users to change their character's gender as well as customize their attire.

Modifications such as Red Laser, RPG Bullets, Explosive Bullets, Airstrike Bullets, Explosive Melee punches, and, of course, Unlimited Orbital Cannon uses are available as well.

4) Enhanced Native Trainer


One of the most popular GTA 5 mod menus is Enhanced Native Trainer. The reason for its popularity is that it has all of the necessary elements, such as vehicle and weapon customization, as well as a number of other common features.

Updates are the main reason for choosing this over some of the other feature-rich trainers as this mod menu's most recent update was released in July 2021.

5) Firah Menu


The Firah mod menu is an easy-to-use GTA 5 trainer that includes all of the major functions. Aside from the regular God-mode and invisibility, this trainer can also provide cash drops.

It hasn't been updated in a long time, with the most recent update occurring in 2016. As a result, players in story mode can generate GTA Online vehicles, but only up to the Finance and Felony update.

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