5 best GTA 5 mods for a true Vice City experience

Vice City mods for GTA 5 (Image via 360 Videos/YouTube)
Vice City mods for GTA 5 (Image via 360 Videos/YouTube)

GTA 5 was released in 2013 but still gets enjoyed by many players around the world thanks to the ever-growing modding community.

While the latest GTA iteration has been a real hit since its release and is still smoldering high, players have also made a lot of memories in other Rockstar games like Liberty City and Vice City. They want these cities to return in the next GTA title, especially Vice City.

Thanks to the modding community, rather than waiting for Vice City in GTA 6, players can now install Vice City mods for GTA 5 and experience the classic Vice City vibes in the game.

Top 5 GTA 5 Vice City mods

5) Vice City Mission Passed Sound Effect


This mod was created by HarleyQuinnSquad.

GTA 5 players can now experience the authentic taste of Vice City in Los Santos through mission-passed sound effects. The sound file is from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City gameplay. Every time a player passes a mission, they will feel the nostalgia of Vice City with the sound effect, which is quite soothing to their ears and makes them feel like they are back in Vice City.

4) HD Tommy Vercetti


The mod was created by lunchxbles.

This mod brings Tommy Vercetti to the streets of Los Santos as a playable character. He replaces one of the main protagonists, Michael, in GTA 5 story mode. With this mod, players can play all the story mode missions, having Michael as Tommy with entirely functional facial animations. The mod is highly detailed and has HD textures for a better overall experience.

3) Vice City Graffiti


This mod is created by slimkane.

Next on our list is the Vice City Graffiti mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. This mod gives GTA 5 players a two-in-one experience. With this mod, players can play the complete gameplay with the Vice City vibe in Los Santos with all the classic graffiti all around the map. Those players who are yearning for Vice City action can get a nostalgic drive of emotion using this mod. The mod transforms all existing graffiti into Vice City graffiti.

2) Vice City - Intro UI Overhaul [OIV]


This mod was created by Razor 792.

This mod is indeed going to provide a true Vice City experience for Grand Theft Auto 5 players. Some of the exhilarating features available with this mod are changing the loading screen to the classic Vice City loading screen from PS2, changing the background music at the time of displaying the menu to Vice City's intro music, and replacing the intro with the Vice City Commodore 64 Intro style.

1) Tommy Vercetti - HD Voice Pack for GTA V


This mod was created by HarleyQuinnSquad.

At number 1, we have the Tommy Vercetti voice mod. It brings in classic voices, sounds, and popular quotes from Vice City's protagonist. It has more than 700 quotes and sounds of the character. The creator took the files from the GTA Vice City PC Version. Overall, the mod will give players around 18 minutes of new content. This will bring exciting adventures to players with the traditional touch of Vice City.

Apart from the above mods, many other mods can give players a true Vice City experience:

  • GTA: Vice City Loading Screens, by extreme_sports
  • Tommy Vercetti Pack from GTA Vice City, by Mishka Volkav
  • Tommy Vercetti Skins (VC) Pack for Michael, by mrx16
  • Vice City License Plates, by koksu1234567890
  • Tommy Vercetti Statue, by [email protected]

Mods add a fun element to the game. It makes the overall scene more interesting and intriguing for the players. For a long time now, players have been wanting to play Vice City again and hoping for the next sequel to return to the city. However, these mods can keep them engaged and give them a fresh Vice City experience in Los Santos.

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