5 best GTA Online sports cars that are value for money in 2021

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
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Not just a means to get around, cars in GTA Online are some of the most important tools afforded to the player. They can help out in races, make for good getaway vehicles when trying to evade the cops during heist setups, and, importantly, make the player look really good.

There are a ton of cars to pick from in GTA Online, with more being added to the game with each new title update. Sports cars have always been a particular favorite of the community since they seem to offer a good balance of speed and handling.

While that doesn't hold true for all cars in the sports class, it is a good bet to expect sports cars to perform admirably in GTA Online. However, if the player is strapped for cash and can't afford to spend three mil on an Itali RSX, these cars should be just fine.

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Top 5 GTA Online sports cars that are value for money in 2021

#1 - Annis Elegy RH8


Price: $95,000

The Elegy RH8 is currently available for free in GTA Online. And given how incredibly balanced it is as a sports car, it is an absolute steal. The car can hold its own against much more expensive vehicles if one can put some money down in upgrades and work on their handling.

The vehicle has a tendency to be a little heavy around corners, but enough practice should be able to mitigate those issues.

#2 - Pfister Comet


Price: $100,000

The Comet has been a mainstay in the GTA franchise and a dearly beloved car in the series. The Pfister Comet is one of the most nimble cars in the game, with it being able to commit to sharper turns way into a corner and not skid into the wall or barrier.

This car is an absolute beast, and its small size and weight give it an edge over much faster vehicles by just how much it can save on corners.

#3 - Benefactor Schafter V12


Price: $116,000

Players will discover pretty quickly in GTA Online that looks aren't everything, and even sedans such as the Benefactor Schafter V12 can tear through a circuit. The car doesn't have great handling per se, but it has a respectable top speed and acceleration that makes it a decent sports car.

The Schafter isn't a typical sports car, but it has all the markings of one with a high-powered engine underneath the typical "luxury" exterior.

#4 - Invetero Coquette


Price: $138,000

The Invetero Coquette, at this price tag, is easily one of the best vehicles one can purchase in GTA Online. Players often do a double-take whenever they skim through the car's details and find its price to be so surprisingly low.

The Invetero Coquette is a mean piece of automobile engineering and has the looks to match up to its performance.

#5 - Dewbauchee Specter


Price: $599,000

The Dewbauchee Specter looks as fast as it is and is priced moderately low for even new players to have a chance of buying it. While the money is better spent on armored vehicles and valuable properties, sometimes players must indulge themselves and cop a vanity purchase such as this.

The Dewbauchee Specter is an excellent choice of car in GTA Online and one that shouldn't hurt the player's bank account.

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