5 best GTA San Andreas myths that fans should know about

Fans have been fascinated by GTA San Andreas myths for years now (Image via Rockstar Games)
Fans have been fascinated by GTA San Andreas myths for years now (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

One of the best aspects of open-world games is the sheer scale of the product. GTA San Andreas allowed fans to explore its map to a great extent. As a result, the fanbase has been able to discover and formulate theories around myths and supposed mysteries in the state of San Andreas.

Here's a look at some of the most intriguing myths and supposedly mystic locations in the GTA San Andreas that fans have been fascinated by for years. While not all myths have been confirmed, they remain pretty actively debated within the community.

Five most believable GTA San Andreas myths that fans should know about

#5 - Zombie Elvis


More a silly Easter egg than a myth, eagle-eyed GTA San Andreas fans were able to spot this peculiar newspaper headline that pointed at a return of the king himself. It said: "ZOMBIE ELVIS FOUND!" alongside a rather comical picture of Elvis Presley's face.

This led many to believe that Rockstar Games had indeed created an in-game model of Elvis Presley somewhere in GTA San Andreas. While there wasn't exactly any such likeness, there were several pedestrians that bore a strong resemblance to him.

This Easter egg was a reference to real-life news "sightings" of Elvis Presley walking about in the crowd during the 1980s, after his death in 1977. While the newspaper doesn't itself appear in GTA San Andreas, there are several Elvis Presley "impersonators" in the game as a nod to the myth.

#4 - Mount Chiliad


As the highest peak in GTA San Andreas, Mt Chiliad has been the subject of much fascination and a hot spot for myths and legends. The mountain is home to some of the most popular myths in the game, including Bigfoot and a Mt Chiliad Giant, among many others.

While not a lot of them have been confirmed, players love going myth-hunting on Mt Chiliad, hoping to discover something new. They have apparently found footprints that they attribute to cryptids such as the Yeti, Bigfoot, or a Giant.

Others have spotted airplanes crashing quite frequently into the mountain's rocky faces, which is rather creepy.

#3 - Area 69


Area 69 isn't exactly hidden in anonymity, as it is visible quite clearly and is rather inviting to the player. The top-secret government facility is the location for one of the most famous missions in GTA San Andreas, but players can visit it after the mission.

Once inside the base, players can find autopsy tables for aliens and other pretty cool and creepy details around the base. According to a UFO map that players can find, Area 69 is a hotspot for alien activity in San Andreas.

#2 - Fort Carson


Fort Carson is one of the biggest settlements away from Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and has a rather interesting history. The location is rife with interesting stories such as that of Col Henry Bolt, who, in 1862, led his unit on an attempted attack on Las Barrancas.

Unfortunately, the Colonel and his entire squad fell into a hole before they reached the settlement. Fort Carson is also home to one of the biggest GTA San Andreas myths: the Cave Monster.

Fans have never confirmed the Cave Monster's presence, and many have chalked it up to just being a mod.

#1 - Bigfoot


One of the biggest myths pervasive throughout the GTA series is that of the Bigfoot. It is rumored to have appeared in different locations all over the state of San Andreas, and the debate of the creature's existence is still active to this day.

However, there is no in-game model for Bigfoot in the 2004 game. Rockstar did add one to the state of San Andreas in the 2013 game, GTA 5, much to the delight of the cryptid subset of fans within the GTA franchise.

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