5 of the best GTA Trilogy moments to relive before GTA 6

gta trilogy moments
The GTA Trilogy has several moments worth replaying (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are countless GTA Trilogy moments that have lived on in the collective memory of its fanbase, becoming attached with the franchise's legacy. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas all have plenty of memorable moments that make these games extremely replayable. These include some of the most iconic missions, cutscenes, and turning points in the storyline that shocked or impressed players.

So, before trying out GTA 6, which comes out in Fall 2025, here are some essential GTA Trilogy moments that you should relive.

Note: The article is subjective and solely based on the writer's opinion.

The best GTA Trilogy moments you should replay before GTA 6

1) GTA 3 Introduction

The reason for Claude's vendetta is explained in the intro (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)
The reason for Claude's vendetta is explained in the intro (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)

The first introductory cutscene for GTA 3 shows how Claude is betrayed and left for dead by his girlfriend, Catalina. This is what starts his quest for vengeance, and this scene has undoubtedly become embedded in the minds of every Grand Theft Auto fan.

As the first cutscene in the 3D Universe, this introduction is quite hard to forget, and the fast-paced action does all the storytelling in an instant. It also explains why you can't cross over to the other side of Liberty City as the bridge gets blown up.

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2) The Job

The Job is the earliest heists in the series (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)
The Job is the earliest heists in the series (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)

While GTA 3's introduction begins with a failed/partially successful bank robbery, Grand Theft Auto Vice City culminates in a daring bank heist in the middle of the story. This one is pulled successfully, but not without casualties, and all the while, players will find themselves on the edge of their seats.

Vice City had a much more streamlined narrative that was inspired by popular movies, and this mission is a prime example of this. The reason why The Job ends up as one of the best GTA Trilogy moments is because of how perfectly it is executed.

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3) Keep Your Friends Close...


As far as movie and TV inspirations in the GTA franchise go, the biggest inspiration for Vice City is obviously Scarface and Miami Vice, and the ending to the game ends up as an alternate scenario for Scarface. One of the most shocking GTA Trilogy moments is when Lance turns out to be a traitor during this finale mission.

However, the ending is so cathartic, with Tommy managing to wipe out all his enemies at once, that you'll immediately forget his betrayal.

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4) The Green Sabre


When it comes to the biggest betrayals in the Grand Theft Auto series, none can compete with the reveal in The Green Sabre. This mission from San Andreas is one of the most iconic GTA Trilogy moments simply because of how the protagonist's world turns upside down.

CJ learns that Big Smoke, one of his closest friends in the Grove Street Families, is the traitor that tried to kill his brother (Sweet) and is also responsible for the death of their mother. Ryder, his other close friend, turns out to be the other conspirator.

The game undergoes a complete narrative shift in which you are no longer a gangster but rather someone trying to survive and start their own empire. The missions that follow are much more exciting than whatever you've been doing before.

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5) End of the Line


When it comes to one of the best endings in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, San Andreas is up there with GTA 4 as the top contenders. One of the best GTA Trilogy moments thus takes place during End of the Line, the grand finale where you go after Smoke and Tenpenny, the two biggest antagonists in the series.

There are more than one iconic moments during this extremely long mission, as both Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny deliver some memorable dialogues before their deaths.

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