5 most climactic moments in the GTA series

Lance T. Vance from GTA Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)
Lance T. Vance from GTA Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA has given the gaming world some of the most famous moments since it was first released in 1997.

Many moments in the Grand Theft Auto have left players shocked and in disbelief. One of the most influential video game franchises in gaming history, it has experienced everything from tragic betrayals to game-breaking glitches.

The series has given users many climactic scenes, including iconic dialogues and essential missions users have enjoyed over the years.

Five greatest GTA moments that gave fans the feels

5) "All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ" - GTA San Andrea


This viral line is one of the five most pivotal scenes the GTA series has given gamers. This dialogue is from The Wrong Side of the Tracks mission in GTA San Andreas involving Big Smoke and Carl Johnson. It sees them chasing and stopping Vagos gang members from escaping by train.

Upon arriving at the Unity Station, Big Smoke explains to CJ that he has suspicions that the Vagos and San Fierro Rifa are cutting some kind of deal, and he wants to ambush the meeting. But it turns out to be an ambush, and the Vagos members try to escape.

CJ has to drive Big Smoke to the yellow Sanchez parked nearby so that the latter can kill all four gang members while avoiding obstacles.

Upon failing the mission, Big Smoke will shout this climactic line:

"All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!"

4) Three Leaf Clover - GTA 4


The Three-Leaf Clover mission from GTA 4 seems straightforward, but players would agree that things can go wrong easily. It is for Patrick McReary, and their target is the Bank of Liberty.

The group, consisting of Niko, Packie, Michael, and Derrick, has to drive to the Bank of Liberty, make their way into the vaults, and steal $1,000,000.

Michael holds the customers hostage while the other three carry out the mission. Eugene Reaper, however, kills Michael, and Packie and Derrick kill him in retribution.

When the three survivors reach the street, they are swarmed by NOOSE and LCPD officers. They have to escape and make it safely to McReary's Residence.

The mission is dark, gritty, and climactic in the otherwise crazy storylines of the video game franchise.

3) Lance Vance's betrayal - GTA Vice City


The final storyline mission in GTA Vice City sees the betrayal of Lance. Keep your friends close, the mission's name, alludes to Tommy Vercetti's betrayal by his friends.

The mission is for Tommy, where he has to defend his safety and stop the Mafia from stealing his money.

The Forelli Crime Family don Sonny Forelli visits Tommy to wrongly reclaim his cut. Tommy is informed of this visit by Lance and Ken, but when Sonny arrives, Lance openly betrays Tommy citing "business" as the reason.

This leads to a large gunfight. While Lance flees to the mansion roof, Tommy is left to fend for himself.

After the shootout in the mansion, Tommy goes to the roof, where he confronts Lance and finally kills him. The mission ends with Tommy telling Ken:

"This could be the beginning of a beautiful business relationship."

2) "When I'm gone, everyone gonna remember my name" - GTA San Andreas


It seems appropriate to include this climactic yet memorable scene from GTA San Andreas that may have left users broken. This dialogue is from the final storyline mission, End of the Line in San Andreas, where the protagonist, Carl Johnson, is given the task by his brother, Sean, of the Grove Street Family.

Carl and Sweet have managed to find out where Big Smoke is hiding. When they arrive at Big Smoke's hiding place, Carl convinces Sweet to let him go alone.

After killing various security and gang members hired by Big Smoke, Carl finally confronts him. During the shootout, CJ manages to shoot Smoke, and they have a brief conversation where Smoke explains that he saw an opportunity for money and power and had no choice as his cause of betrayal.

It is here that Smoke says the line implying he had no regrets. Although Big Smoke's betrayal was unexpected, his passing had a similar impact.

The final task is as tragic for gamers as Ryder's death, but CJ exacts his vengeance.

1) Mr. Philips - GTA 5


While many players don't think GTA 5 has a strong storyline, the game has its moments. Even though Mr. Phillips gets little attention, it is unquestionably legendary and has a cinematic quality that puts it at the top of the list.

It also reveals that Trevor Phillips is still alive and surprises players.

The knowledge that Michael was involved in the most recent heist surprises Trevor. A shocked Trevor kills Johnny after an argument and decides to kill the members of The Lost MC before they can avenge their leader's death.

In his psychotic rage, Trevor goes with Ron and pushes Aztecas leader Ortega into the adjacent river. Trevor's new status as the head of the meth and illegal gun trade in Blaine County is cemented by his ability to kill or spare Ortega.

The mission does a superb job of establishing Trevor's struggles and raising interest in what will happen next while focusing on two critical disclosures. Mr. Phillips was, in a sense, one of the most significant and pivotal events in the Grand Theft Auto 5 story.

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