How to get a Batmobile in GTA Online (2022)

GTA Online players can buy the Vigilante for $3,750,000 (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online players can buy the Vigilante for $3,750,000 (Image via Rockstar Games)

If there is one thing that the entire gaming world can unanimously swoon over in the world of Grand Theft Auto, it will undoubtedly be the fleet of vehicles available in GTA Online.

Hundreds of fancy vehicles are available to sweep the streets of Los Santos that can be purchased or earned by completing missions. While some come with impressive features, great designs, and a fantastic driving experience, others come at exorbitant prices with some standard features.

However, if there is one car that comes with all the qualities that would feature in a car lover’s ideal vehicle, it would be the Grotti Vigilante, better known as the Batmobile among players.

Everything about Vigilante in GTA Online


Grotti Vigilante was released during Rockstar’s Anniversary Specials 2017 and Halloween Specials events on October 31, 2017. It was featured in GTA Online as part of the Smuggler's Run update.

Vigilante is a 2-door, custom weaponized vehicle that undoubtedly steals the spotlight every time it hits the streets. It was primarily inspired by the Batmobile created for the 1989 movie Batman, and another iteration of the Batmobile created for the 2005 film Batman Begins.

Extended bodywork and a very aerodynamic design are the most distinguishing features that draw players towards the vehicle. The interior and exterior have unique features, including multiple switches derived from motorsport vehicles, various digital screens derived from fighter jets, and a set of racing seats. The Vigilante is armed with a set of guns and can be modified with missile launchers.

Performance-wise, only very few vehicles can match the glory of a Vigilante. It is primarily a sports car, combining the offensive capabilities of armed and heavy vehicles. It has a top speed of 115 mph (185.1 km/h). With the boosts applied, the top speed exceeds 150 mph (241.4 km/h), making it the fastest mode of land transport in this iteration.

One of the best things about this beast of a vehicle is its impenetrable armor. Vigilante comes with a crash-resistant body and bullet-proof windows. Being a heavy vehicle, it plows through traffic very easily, making it a perfect choice for runs and chases.

How to get a Vigilante in GTA Online?


In GTA Online, players can head to the Warstock Cache & Carry website on their devices and scroll down through the list of exclusive stocks of vehicles to make a purchase. It is available to purchase at a whopping price of $3,750,000.

The armor can be upgraded entirely for $50,000, the engine at $33,500, and brakes at various prices between $1000 and $35,000. There are a lot of upgrades available for almost every part of the vehicle. However, they are significantly more expensive than other vehicle upgrades.

Vigilante has great top speed with an even greater boost available, good acceleration, good traction, and decent handling. It also features a rocket booster allowing for quick acceleration and its recharge time is only 2.5 seconds, making it perform better than most boosters.

The only thing that can make a player think twice before purchasing it is its hefty price. However, looking at the grander scheme of things, this is the coolest addition to a player’s garage, and $3,750,000 is only a small price for a vehicle that brings the DC universe into Los Santos.

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