5 combat tips and tricks to get better at PvP modes in GTA Online

GTA Online has way more than free mode to encourage PvP competition and subsequent humiliation (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online has way more than free mode to encourage PvP competition and subsequent humiliation (Image via Rockstar Games)

Even though GTA Online doesn't present itself as an uber-competitive game that requires pinpoint precision and 1000-level IQ plays, it's still pretty challenging. Readers should make no mistake about it; PvP in GTA Online can be as ruthless as the most competitive online multiplayer game and a hundred times more frustrating.

Making it through free mode without absolutely losing their minds is a massively challenging task by itself. But GTA Online has way more than free mode to encourage PvP competition and subsequent humiliation.

While the mechanics of story mode and Online remain largely the same when it comes to combat, there are some tips and tricks players should have up their sleeve. Fancy guns and vehicles are sure to come in handy in most situations, but these tips and tricks will help users survive PvP combat on foot.

Five combat-related suggestions to get better at PvP modes in GTA Online

#1 - Find their range


This is especially useful in free mode as it is highly likely that players will be locked in a long-range sniper battle with enemies. A heavy sniper is key to free mode and is an essential part of the player's loadout as most battles take place at range.

However, players must find weapons they are most comfortable using at other ranges as well. The Special Carbine is a decent mid-range weapon with balanced stats across the board and is one of the most quintessential parts of the player's loadout.

Users should try out different weapons, figure out which range works the best, and force opponents into their range.

#2 - Get familiar with the Interaction Menu


The Interaction Menu often gets sidelined in the heat of battle as navigating through menus doesn't seem as important when under fire. However, dying repeatedly causes players to lose ammo quickly in GTA Online, and they can replenish ammo through the Interaction Menu.

Not only that, but players can also get snacks from their inventory to replenish health while in combat. If they are locked in a sniper battle, it will be extremely easy to dip into cover and get some snacks in to come back with full health.

So, in tandem, players should also visit stores and stock up on plenty of snacks in GTA Online.

#3 - Roll and dodge


While aiming down, pressing the square button will trigger a roll, which might not seem like much, but it is a life-saver. Chances are, players will get killed immediately once locked on to by enemies, but a roll will cause them to miss a couple of shots.

This will create enough of a gap for users to then pop off shots and hopefully put an end to their enemy. This feature is helpful in free mode and other adversary and PvP modes in GTA Online.

#4 - Avoid running straight at opponents


One of the biggest mistakes players repeatedly make in GTA Online is essentially straight up running at the enemy, hoping to mow them down. This will invariably always result in certain death.

The key is to strafe and confuse them with erratic movement, especially when at long ranges. While on consoles, the aim assist might make things a little tricky; strafing is always better than running right towards the opponent.

#5 - Don't headhunt


Going for a headshot all the time will likely result in players missing a lot of shots. As a rule of thumb, the idea should always be to try and hit the most prominent area (the torso) and lightly move upwards towards the head.

In auto-aim lobbies in GTA Online, it is much easier to do this, as slightly moving the aim upwards will lock on to the head. However, in free-aim lobbies, getting a headshot all the time can be an exercise in tedium.

So players must try and get as many shots off on the body before eventually trying for the head, as missing too many hits will leave players vulnerable in GTA Online.

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