5 contact missions with high payouts and low difficulty in GTA Online

Contact missions are like story-mode missions from GTA 5(Image via
Contact missions are like story-mode missions from GTA 5(Image via

Contact missions are story-mode missions featured in GTA Online that revolve around a specific plot and aren't necessarily connected.

While contact missions are not as lucrative as some of the other missions in GTA Online, they are unarguably fun to grind solo or with friends and with fellow fans. Only a couple of these missions are available at the start. The rest unlock as players level up in the game.

This article dives into five of the most fun and easy contact missions in GTA Online that offer decent payouts and bonuses.

5 contact missions with high payouts and low difficulty in GTA Online

#5 Blow up


The Blow-up missions are not only super engaging but are also fairly lucrative. They are also great for learning the ropes and causing the kind of havoc GTA Online is known for.

The mission features Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Simeon Yetarian, who is not happy with a certain dealership down on Strawberry Avenue. Like every GTA Online kingpin, Yetarian does not like being messed with and won't rest until he's got his revenge.

#4 Pier Pressure


Nobody enjoys Pier Pressure. Neither in real life nor in GTA Online, which is why the player must get the job done as soon as possible or face the consequences, which naturally won't be pretty. The objective is to infiltrate a drug meeting in Los Santos and steal a package containing methamphetamine. Pier Pressure is one of the most engaging and high-paying missions in GTA Online.

#3 Simeonomics


One can't possibly say they have played GTA Online without having grinded this mission. It unlocks early on in the game and involves two basic skills that the player will need to master as they level up in GTA Online driving stolen cars.

Though the cash-out is not as generous as one might expect, the overall payoff is as good as it can get, considering that this mission won't take more than five minutes.

#2 Ballas to the Wall


Ballas to the Wall is a quintessential GTA Online mission, featuring what the players love the most - unbridled chaos and total anarchy.

The objective is to steal a car from the Ballas, who took it from Simeon. Players can either blast the entire rival party apart or make a hasty escape. They will earn a good chunk of money as long as they bring the car back to Simeon. Definitely one of the easiest and most rewarding missions in GTA Online.

#1 Learning the Ropes


Learning the Ropes is perhaps the simplest contact mission in GTA Online. As for the cash-out, beginners can't complain, especially when all they have to do is kill a drug dealer, steal his drugs, and bring them to Gerald. Easy and fun.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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