5 most entertaining GTA 4 missions of all time

GTA 4 has some of the best missions in the franchise (Image via RGR29, YouTube)
GTA 4 has some of the best missions in the franchise (Image via RGR29, YouTube)
Rajarshi Acharya

GTA 4 has unarguably the best storyline in the GTA franchise. There are a wide variety of missions in the game which offer an unforgettable experience.

The gloomy and gritty world of Liberty City portrays the world of crime from a realistic angle. From robbing banks to going bowling with Roman, GTA 4 is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Here are some of the best missions from the game that are bound to entertain most players.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of its writer.

5 most entertaining missions in GTA 4

5) Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend


This mission is a classic example of a deal gone wrong. Niko and Patrick had a deal with Tony Prince to free Gracie Ancelotti in exchange for some diamonds.

As the deal is taking place, Bulgarin's men arrive and start a shootout with Niko and Patrick. This mission also ties in with the plot of the expansions. Luis is on the other end of the deal while Johnny was also involved with the diamonds in a previous mission.

4) Late Checkout


In this mission, players get to infiltrate a hotel and engage in a shootout. There are two ways in which this can be played out: a direct approach or a shortcut. While this is a simple enough mission, the hotel shootout remains a unique experience.

3) Museum Piece


This is another deal gone wrong mission taking place in the Libertonian museum. This is the other mission related to Bulgarin's diamonds, where Niko and Johnny attempt to sell them.

The shootout inside the museum is another unique experience in GTA 4. Players get to destroy historical artifacts, including a dinosaur skeleton, in this mission.

2) Three Leaf Clover


Perhaps the most iconic mission in GTA 4, Three Leaf Clover, involves players robbing a bank. This is a challenging mission where the Liberty City police will surround the players all over the city. On top of that, players are also required to defend the McReary brothers.

1) Out of Commission


This mission is only available to players who take the 'Revenge' ending in GTA 4. Players can decide to kill Rascalov instead of accepting his deal. This makes Pegorino mad, and he appears at Roman's wedding and kills Kate.

Niko then goes to kill Pegorino who is holed up at an abandoned casino. The mission is not just a bland shootout: it has three distinct phases. First, Niko must tail a car carrying Pegorino's men to their hideout. Once he reaches the casino, a shootout ensues where Pegorino escapes in a boat.

Finally, after a thrilling chase, first by bike and then by helicopter, Pegorino is killed by Niko beneath the Statue of Happiness.

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