5 famous vehicle manufacturers in the GTA series and their real-life inspirations

Rockstar often takes inspiration from real-life brands and even parodies them to a certain extent (Image via Rockstar Newswire)
Rockstar often takes inspiration from real-life brands and even parodies them to a certain extent (Image via Rockstar Newswire)

Rockstar Games goes to great lengths to add layers of depth and realism to the GTA universe and open up room for satire as well. One of the many ways the series deepens its universe and game world is through fictional companies with defined lineage and history — and a strong line of products.

Vehicle manufacturers have always been around in GTA and go through tons of evolutions and transformations — much like real-life companies do. Instead of creating wholly new ones, Rockstar takes inspiration from real-life brands and even parodies them to a certain extent.

Not only is it a wonderful piece of world-building, but an opportunity for the publisher to stretch satire and use them for commentary.

Popular car companies in the GTA series and their real-life counterparts

Other popular manufacturers

  • Canis - Jeep
  • Declasse - Chevrolet
  • Dewbauchee - Aston Martin
  • Imponte - Pontiac
  • Shitzu - Suzuki

#1 - Coil: Tesla Motors


Arguably one of the most popular manufacturers around, Tesla Motors was bound to land up in GTA in some shape or form. Coil is the GTA counterpart to Tesla and boasts some mighty vehicles powered not by fossil fuels but by electricity.

The Coil Raiden takes significant inspiration from the real-life Model S, and vehicles like the Rocket Voltic are very much in line with the outlandish CEO's ambitions.

#2 - Grotti: Ferrari


It was simply inevitable that Ferrari would somehow be present in the GTA universe, given the legendary status the brand occupies in modern culture. Much like its real-life counterpart, Grotti is responsible for not only producing some of the fastest cars in the game but also some of the most beautiful ones.

Grotti, rest assured, will easily be the best-looking car around but will also be able to back it up with blistering performances.

#3 - Albany: Cadillac


Cadillac exudes class and dominance unlike any other car in modern memory, and Albany does the same in the GTA universe. It is a thing of menacing beauty, as the car roars to life with a mighty rumble and glides along the road.

Albany, alongside Bravado, Declasse and Vapid, is one of the oldest manufacturers in the Grand Theft Auto universe and has been around for ages in the series.

#4 - Obey: Audi


Michael De Santa's signature Tailgater is an Obey classic and is just the perfect car for Vinewood residents who prefer a little power to go with elegance. Obey is one of the best car-makers in the GTA series, and its similarities to Audi are very on the nose.

With a similar logo and near-identical designs, there is an undeniable connection between Obey and Audi.

#5 - Bravado: Dodge


Dodge has long been the face of the pinnacle of raw American muscle in the automotive industry alongside Ford and Chevy. Bravado holds similar levels of prestige within the GTA universe and is responsible for some of the meanest cars in the game.

Boasting similar levels of power, elegance, and raw speed, Bravado lives up to its inspirations and delivers unparalleled reliability.

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