5 features in GTA Online that beginners should be using more often

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Online is a pretty challenging game for anyone new to the experience since it does very little hand-holding. Right after the tutorial, the player is sent headfirst into a hellish Los Santos populated by Oppressor MKIIs and scary veterans who have been at the game since 2013.

Beginners in GTA Online are often overwhelmed pretty quickly and are left with little to no direction as to what they should be doing. While there is no shortcut to success in GTA Online, some useful features might come in handy for players.

The features on this list might help players survive combat or help them rank up faster and get more money in the game.

5 features in GTA Online that beginners should be using more often

1) Interaction Menu/Daily Objectives


The Interaction Menu is the single-most-important feature available to players in GTA Online. From inventory to style, the Interaction Menu contains just about every useful control in the game and will help the player get through most things.

The Interaction Menu also contains Daily Objectives, which can be completed to gain additional RP. This will help the players rank up faster. Because they are straightforward to complete, it shouldn't be much of a challenge.

2) Mechanic/Insurance


More than anything else, players will spend most of their time in GTA Online, getting from point A to point B. For this, players will almost always require their personal Vehicle, whether it be a car or a bike.

To call one's personal vehicle, players can use the Interaction Menu or call the Mechanic. The Mechanic will deliver any vehicle from any of the Garages that the player owns. This will help players avoid a bounty, as quite often, stealing vehicles from the street slaps the players with a bounty from an NPC.

To have a much more comfortable time in GTA Online, players should have their vehicles insured. So as they are easily recovered after being destroyed.

3) Snacks/Bull Shark Testosterone


Snacks might be the furthest thing from an essential to a newcomer, but they will soon realize it is about one of the most important things in GTA Online. For one, they ensure that the player always has a way to replenish health in the middle of combat.

Especially on higher difficulties, where the crew only has one life, replenishing health behind cover becomes an essential task. To buy snacks, head to a store in GTA Online and buy up as many snacks as possible.

Additionally, should the players have enough scratch, they can call Brucie to deliver Bull Shark Testosterone. It gives the player additional health, speed, and damage boosts, making life much easier.

4) Lester's many services


Lester Crest is more important to GTA Online players than any other character in the game. Players can call Lester to help out in a variety of situations, including removing wanted levels.

By leveling up, players can unlock additional abilities, such as tracking players across the map or even going off the radar. Lester is accommodating and all players need to avail of his services is to give him a call.

5) Help out VIPs/CEO


By enabling the "Looking for Work" option in the Interaction Menu, players will be able to help out VIPs and CEOs in their session. Through this, they will be able to rank up faster and participate in some pretty lucrative activities.

GTA Online offers plenty of ways to make money. Players have to keep an eye out for every opportunity and grab it as soon as they see it. Helping out VIPs and CEOs ensures that the player learns the game's mechanics and ranks up while doing it.

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