5 most useful tools and weapons in GTA Online as of 2021

Image via Blitz's Guides, Steam Community
Image via Blitz's Guides, Steam Community
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Contrary to popular belief, GTA Online isn't just about big guns and fast cars; it is also about the right set of equipment and useful tools. Many can forget that Ammu-Nation doesn't just sell weaponry; it also sells a bunch of extremely useful accessories and tools that can come in hand.

GTA Online rewards players for coming to the dance well prepared and armed to the teeth. Simply running through missions will only get players so far. They will need to use both their brawns and brains in order to truly become successful in GTA Online.

The game doesn't do a great job at tutorializing basic mechanics, but that is perhaps why players seem to love the GTA Online experience so much. It equips the players with the very basics and lets them figure out the rest of it by themselves.

In order to have a well-balanced loadout, players will need a bunch of useful items apart from just the biggest, baddest guns in the yard.

Top 5 useful tools and weapons in GTA Online in 2021

#1 - Helmets


Many often forget that they can equip Night Vision/Thermal Goggles in GTA Online, which will surely give players an edge over the rest of the playing field.

While previously, Thermal Goggles would essentially give players the ability to see through walls, that ability has now been nerfed quite a bit. Yet, it can give players the slight edge they need when trying to spot enemies way out in the distance and hopefully get a clean shot at them.

Helmets can be purchased from Ammu-Nation and equipped through the Gear section of the Interaction Menu while in Freemode or during missions in GTA Online.

#2 - Armor


It cannot be overstated how important it is to have decent armor around. The heaviest armor sets will weigh the player down. While they will provide maximum protection against gunfire, they will make the player dreadfully slow.

Thus, equipping the right armor set during heists is key in GTA Online. Many crews tend to have one Heavy Armor set around in the crew so that a particular player can act as a tank for the rest of the crew by drawing enemy fire.

#3 - Bull Shark Testosterone


The Bull Shark Testosterone essentially turns its user into a one-man wrecking crew in GTA Online, capable of destroying just about everything. The effects include a strength, stamina, and reflex boost that lasts about 60 seconds.

Sixty seconds is all one needs to wreck everything in sight and come away with the victor. Players can call for Brucie to deliver the Bull Shark Testosterone after crossing Level 17, and CEO/VIPs can also have it delivered to their location.

The Bull Shark Testosterone costs $500 a pop when getting it from Brucie, while it costs $1,000 to have it delivered to the player as CEO/VIP.

#4 - Up-n-Atomizer


The Up-n-Atomizer is truly a one-of-a-kind weapon in GTA Online with no equal in sight. For one, there are no reloads since it doesn't use bullets. Instead, there's a cooldown timer after each shot that isn't too punishing.

The Up-n-Atomizer releases a shock wave that will knock players off of their Oppressor MKIIs, flip over cars, and cause all sorts of havoc. This is an essential weapon in GTA Online's Freemode, which is usually a griefer galore most of the time.

#5 - Rebreather/Scuba Gear


Players truly never know when they might be going in for an impromptu dive in the ocean. As it so happens, it is a regular occurrence in GTA Online to be thrown into the sea after an enemy player shoots their chopper out of the sky, which is where a Rebreather might come in handy.

A Rebreather or a Scuba Suit can be bought from Ammu-Nation and can often come in handy. Approaching certain missions or collecting certain items becomes far easier when the player can utilize water as a means to get around without the threat of drowning.

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