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5 most hilarious characters introduced to the series in GTA Online

Many characters have left their mark across the various GTA games (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Many characters have left their mark across the various GTA games (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 17 Feb 2021

In many ways, GTA Online is the story mode expansion players have been demanding for years. The game not only adds new characters to the series but also brings back those from previous games and retroactively adds more weight to the events of story mode, in some cases.

Rockstar Games has proved repeatedly that its writing is simply unparalleled when it comes to funny characters. GTA Online's characters are no different, with layers of satire and parodying the set stereotypes and archetypes of their personalities in other media.

Over the years, many funny characters have made GTA Online a far funnier place than it had any right to be. Here's a look at some of the most amusing characters that made their debut in GTA Online.

Five really funny characters introduced in GTA Online

#5 - Bogdan

First introduced as perhaps the main villain of the Doomsday Heist, it is then later revealed that he is actually "one of the good guys." As players spend more time with Bogdan, his hilariously pompous personality and casual approach to violence almost endears him to them.

He will often be unintentionally (on his part) hilarious and constantly drop comedic gold casually. Despite being a somewhat light-hearted character, Bogdan can do some severe damage as his elite crew of trained professionals can wipe out pretty much everything they come across.


Bogdan is one of the most memorable characters from GTA Online, and players would love to see him make a return in a later GTA entry.

#4 - Agatha Baker

Agatha Baker made her way to GTA Online as part of the Diamond Casino Heist update as the manager of the Diamond Casino and Resort. She is one of the heist's central characters and is a dominant presence in GTA Online as she stays around long after the heist is complete.

Her reluctance towards crime, or even speaking of crime directly, makes her quite a fun character to witness. However, over time, players will sense that she gets visibly more comfortable with violence and crime, often giving players precise instructions on various assignments.

Her inability to hide her excitement during violent encounters, especially during the Fake News mission, is hilarious to witness. Usually, the archetype can become a little too tiresome, but Agatha manages to stay consistently entertaining throughout her time in GTA Online.

#3 - Agent 14


Agent 14 was one of the first new characters introduced in GTA Online as part of the 2015 heists update. To many, Agent 14 was their introduction to heists as he guided players through many of the first few heists.

At first, he poses as a major drug baron, but as becomes apparent through his weirdly tactical terminology, he is an undercover IAA agent. He compensates for his poor covert skills by exaggerating just how immoral a criminal he is, making for some hilarious lines in GTA Online.

He eventually drops the act and "shockingly" reveals to the player that he is indeed an IAA agent. However, the news doesn't come as a surprise and is more of a confirmation of a fact most players already know.

#2 - Pavel

Pavel was first introduced to players in GTA Online as part of the Cayo Perico Heist update. Upon buying the Kosatka, players are introduced to Pavel as he walks them through the submarine's controls and basics and becomes a close ally through the heist's events.


The relationship between the player (El Capitan) and Pavel becomes incredibly endearing, and fans can only hope he makes an appearance in other games. Throughout the player's interaction with him, Pavel constantly eludes to having lived through bizarre adventures and having unparalleled knowledge about the sea.

He will also sometimes break the fourth wall, directly referencing things that GTA Online players often talk about. For example, he refers to shooting down the Oppressor MKII's as a "great sport here in America."

#1 - English Dave

Perhaps one of the most entertaining characters in GTA history, English Dave perfectly toes the line between funny and annoying. Pretty much a spiritual brethren of Kent Paul, English Dave first appeared in GTA Online as part of the After Hours update.

He is a close associate of Tony Prince, another fan-favorite, and helps set up a Nightclub for the player. Dave is a thoroughly charming person to have around with an endless amount of quips and drops quotes like it's no one's business.

"Lads, lads... Peace and love... Big up the London massive."

― English Dave meeting Tale of Us at the LSIA


English Dave is a dominant presence in GTA Online, and his phone calls can definitely be very ill-timed. However, he is still a likable enough character, and one fans can count on to stick around for even more.

Note: This article reflects the author's personal views.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 15:10 IST
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