Is the Oppressor MKII still worth it in GTA Online in 2021?

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom

Perhaps everyone playing GTA Online post-2018 has memories of being hounded by a flying hoverbike unloading missiles and gunfire from above.

It is an unavoidable fact of life in GTA Online that one needs to be wary of the Oppressor MKII in Freemode lobbies at all times. The hoverbike has dominated the meta in the game for a long time, and it has more or less become an essential part of the player's loadout.

The way the game rewards the industry with regards to VIP/CEO work and other business-related activities, the Oppressor MKII becomes a necessity in GTA Online.

However, since its introduction, there have been tons of other vehicles coming for the throne. With powerful new vehicles introduced in every major title update, has the Oppressor MKII been outclassed to the point that one doesn't need it anymore?

Oppressor MKII in GTA Online: Worth or not?


For a vehicle to be deemed obsolete, one needs to look at the competition. In terms of competition, which vehicles does the Oppressor have:

  1. Pegassi Toreador
  2. Buzzard Attack Chopper
  3. Akula

While there are other vehicles that come to mind, these three are regarded as the perfect counter against the Oppressor MKII. Out of the three, the Pegassi Toreador has emerged as the clear favorite as the best counter to the Oppressor MKII.

To figure out whether the Oppressor MKII does really well, one needs to take a look at certain parameters such as:

#1 - Utility


The Oppressor MKII doubles as a transport vehicle as well as a powerful offensive vehicle capable of shredding everything in its path.

The Toreador works quite well as an offensive powerhouse. However, purely in terms of quick transportation, the Oppressor MKII pretty much leaves it in the dust.

As the Oppressor MKII can take to the air and not have to deal with traffic or other issues brought on by the road, the hoverbike can pretty much bypass every obstacle on the road and get from Point A to B blisteringly quick.

While the Buzzard offers the same kind of utility, it comes down to the player's preference whether they favor one over the other.

#2 - Price


The Oppressor MKII works best when used in tandem with a Terrorbyte as its Specialized Vehicle Workshop allows for storage and customization. However, even without it, the Oppressor MKII is a fantastic purchase.

At $3,890,250, the bike isn't exactly the most economical option and is more expensive than both the Toreador and the Buzzard. However, seeing just how much easier it makes GTA Online, perhaps its price tag is justified.

The only clear downside of owning an Oppressor MKII is drawing the ire of the entire lobby and possibly being shot at for the majority of the time. However, that reputation is well-earned due to it being the griefer's choice of vehicle most of the time in GTA Online.



As it stands, few other vehicles in or below its range can truly outclass the Oppressor MKII in GTA Online. It might face stiff competition from the Toreador or Buzzard, yet it manages to prove that it's worth its hefty price tag.

The Oppressor MKII continues to reign supreme, at least until a faster and stronger alternative makes its way to GTA Online.

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