5 most memorable female characters in the GTA series

Most memorable female characters in GTA series( Image via Sportskeeda )
Most memorable female characters in the GTA series (Image via Sportskeeda)

For better or worse, the GTA franchise's female characters have left some memorable impressions on players. While none of them were anywhere near perfect, some will be remembered by gamers for their backstories and iconic moments.

However, most players will likely struggle to remember the legendary female characters, given that a woman in a position of power is quite a rare event in the franchise.

With rumors of GTA 6 finally giving fans a female protagonist, it is worth looking at some of the series' most intriguing and iconic female characters.

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Top 5 iconic female characters in GTA Online

5) Auntie Poulet


She might be old, but she is deadly. One of the few female bosses, Auntie Poulet is just as dangerous as any antagonist from the series. The GTA Vice City villain has no match for her manipulating skills. She could brainwash Tommy Vercetti into doing tasks for her by brewing mind-altering potions. This mysterious lady once operated an entire drug factory with her criminal gang.

4) Catalina


The sadistic and cruel Catalina is the main female antagonist in GTA 3. Known for her memorable two-gun poses, she is one of the toughest antagonists in the franchise's history. With her powerful abilities and violent backstory, the psychotic cartel leader differs from how women in the game are generally portrayed. Her ruthless and violent nature fits the nature of the game perfectly.

3) Elizabeta Torres


Elizabeta Torres, the boss of Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz, is one of the series's most successful and ruthless drug dealers in Liberty City. This woman of steel comes with a dark and intriguing backstory, having risen to a high rank after attacking a man in the Puerto Rican slums where she was born. She doesn’t think twice before killing anyone that stands in the way of growing her empire.

2) Maude Eccles


Los Santos' Maude Eccles is a minor but very interesting and enigmatic female character in GTA Online. She may be “stuck between somewhere joyful and peachy,” but is known for always rooting for justice for victims and putting the bad guys away.

This is one book that shouldn’t be judged by its cover as she hands out some of the game's most exciting missions. The head of a small bounty hunter business operates from her rundown trailer house and reveals that her dream is to have a husband, a dog named Skip, and a garden with a white picket fence. No wonder she’s a fan favorite.

1) Mercedes Cortez


Mercedes Cortez is undoubtedly the number-one fan favorite. This memorable female character in GTA Vice City is known for her attractive appearance and promiscuous nature. Called the "Butterfly of the Night," she was part of most of the game's storylines and is mainly known for the issues with her rich and powerful father.

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