5 most popular GTA 5 mods used by Mythpat

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Mithilesh Patankar, also known as Mythpat, is one of the biggest GTA and Minecraft streamers in India. He has a subscriber base of 8.32 million and averages about 4 million views per video.

Mythpat has a series of videos where he installs mods in GTA 5 and makes up funny and interesting stories to go with them.

Many fans often wonder what kind of mods he uses in GTA 5, so we have made a list of the most popular GTA 5 mods used by Mythpat.

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Top GTA 5 mods Mythpat uses

5) Venom mod


The Venom mod in GTA 5 gives the player a Venom skin. Venom is the iconic villain of Spiderman, and he has been in Spiderman movies, cartoons and even various Spiderman games.

In his video, Mythpat has paired the Venom mod with the Spiderman webslinging mod to make Venom shoot web from his arms and swing around Los Santos. Players can also combine this mod with super strength to feel powerful like Venom.

Download the mod here.

4) Prison mod


The Prison mod in GTA 5 lets players go to jail if arrested.

To go to prison, players just need to get arrested. The Prison has fully functioning guards and prisoner NPCs who interact with each other and the player. The guards and prisoners can even kill each other if a prison riot happens.

Players can pay bail to leave prison or break out of prison and shoot their way to freedom.

Download the mod here.

3) Fishing mod

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The fishing mod in GTA 5 lets players catch marine life in the oceans of San Andreas.

All players need to do is go to any general store in-game and purchase a fishing rod. After that, all fishing spots in the city will be marked on the in-game map. On the fishing spot, press the fishing key to start fishing. Players can also sell the fish they have caught.

In his video, Mythpat uses this mod for a funny skit about michael wanting to get fish for his hungry son.

Download the mod here.

2) Menyoo PC mod


Menyoo PC is one of the most popular mods for GTA 5. It offers a range of ways in which you can make your own missions in the game.

The mod has an object spawner that will let players select and place in-game assets however they wish and create their own mission areas. The mod even has the ability to spawn NPCs and vehicles.

In his video, Mythpat used this mod to create a podium with the president and placed security NPCs all around the area to make it look like a mission.

Download the mod here.

1) Vice V


The Vice V mod lets players roam around Vice City. Vice City is the setting of GTA Vice City which is hailed as the best GTA of its time by many people in the GTA community.

The mod is a faithful recreation of Vice City but it does not have any NPCs roaming around making the city completely empty. The mod also features a fully functioning mini-map of Vice City.

This mod is known to be very buggy and there have been some cases of it completely corrupting game data so players should install this mod at their own risk.

Download the mod here.

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