5 reasons why GTA 6 should feature a single protagonist

5 reasons why GTA 6 should feature a single protagonist (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 reasons why GTA 6 should feature a single protagonist (Image via Sportskeeda)

With GTA 6 “well underway” as per Rockstar, players have constantly stated their interest in what they wish to experience in their next endeavor. One such is the presence of only one protagonist in the game. In Grand Theft Auto 5, three main playable protagonists were introduced for the first time in the franchise - Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

In 2013, Rockstar Games empowered players to play Grand Theft Auto 5 while switching between characters as and when the game demanded and as per their best interest in certain missions.

Rockstar Games is known to incorporate fun elements in every gameplay, and observe fans' reactions to make the upcoming title a big-time hit. Even though GTA 5 is on the franchise's list of hits, let's learn why going back to the classic approach of a single protagonist will bring a lot of excitement to the next game.

5 reasons why GTA 6 would benefit from having a single protagonist

1) A simple storyline


With three protagonists in GTA 5, players got to know the story from three different perspectives. Linking the story from different angles gives more clarity to the base story, but only if interpreted correctly. In a game full of surprising actions, such complex storytelling may not serve the right purpose and may lead to confusion.

With a single protagonist, the storyline will be simpler, helping in the easy flow of the narrative. Apart from this, the scope of the story-telling methods will be expanded. Players might witness a whole new style of narration if the makers take the classic route.

2) A solitary leader


Being the lone wolf in GTA’s gameplay makes the overall experience a thriller. Having multiple protagonists makes the given plot quite predictable at times. It takes away the individuality of the characters, leaving behind no fun in the end. The intellectual contribution of the players sometimes gets lost while switching between partners.

There must be an element of clandestine to the characters. For example, in GTA 3, Claude’s character was quite weighty. His characteristics made his segments quite an adventure, keeping alive the mysterious element. This was due to the lone approach of the protagonist with minimal assistance taken while completing the missions.

3) Superior abilities


Playing with a single character possessing multiple abilities brings action, thrill, and surprise all on one plate. This will make the gameplay more intellectually apt for the players to complete the mission. GTA 6 should consider using a primary protagonist considering the slightly droning nature of the missions in the previous game.

In GTA 5, every protagonist has special abilities unique to one another. Trevor can nullify any damage, making him nearly unbeatable. Michael and Franklin can slow down time while fighting and driving.

Players in a mission can use these special abilities by switching to the character. It is a fun segment but it becomes somewhat monotonous in the long run.

4) Win-or-lose


When in combat, players always have a supreme target to win the game. At times, there are situations where players have used the characters to the best of their benefit, thus compromising the amount of challenge in a few missions.

No doubt a player can switch between characters in GTA 5 as established by the developers, and many players have exploited it. There are missions where players can switch between characters as and when they want.

Suppose when a character doesn’t have many weapons to take over the enemy, they can switch to another character, this becomes easy for the players to win the combat. Without challenges, the fun elements fade away. A single protagonist in the next game would bring the mysterious and challenging action back on track.

5) Smoother pace


In GTA 5, players have to move forward with the story by switching between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin at different points in time. This disrupts the complete understanding of the story at the beginning. The pace gets smoother as the link between the characters becomes clear.

With slow progress in the game, the narrative starts losing the fun element. This affects the pace at which players would need to properly understand the storyline as they progress to further missions. Thus, in the upcoming game, advancing into the game with one primary character will make the storyline clear and smooth from the start itself.

Apart from the above, having a single playable protagonist will help create a deeper backstory, making the character more eccentric but appealing. The mechanical limitations of moving to a different location to play a character will be cleared, which otherwise disrupts the flow of players in the story.

All features have their own strengths and flaws, and players are expecting to get a completely new set of action-filled adventures.

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