5 reasons why GTA Online's Freemode can be frustrating to play in 2021

GTA Online has a lot of great things to offer and an equally large amount of things that work against it (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online has a lot of great things to offer and an equally large amount of things that work against it (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Online is a fantastic title with many great qualities. However, fans sometimes find themselves with a burgeoning desire to punch a hole through the drywall while playing the game.

GTA Online has a habit of putting players in sessions where they will have the highest probability of getting their day ruined. This may be because of pesky enemy players, network-related issues or the absolutely crazy load times.

GTA Online has a lot of great features to offer and an equally large amount of things that work against it.

Why GTA Online's Freemode can be frustrating to play in 2021

#1 Griefer Paradise


Griefers are often misconstrued. The basic idea behind Freemode is to encourage players to tussle with one another. Not every enemy player who shows up on an Oppressor MKII to cause havoc is a griefer, as Freemode thrives on such aggressive competition between players.

However, when players go out of their way to repeatedly spam sweaty kills, destroy personal vehicles and dip in and out of Passive Mode, they can be labeled griefers. Essentially, GTA Online's worst lobbies are often filled with players who thrive on not letting anyone else enjoy the game.

This scares new fans who might want to try the game out because they are so relentlessly mobbed by griefers.

#2 Lower-level miscreants

(Image via r/gtaonline)
(Image via r/gtaonline)

Occasionally, players choose not to rifle a lower-level player when they see them on the map. However, they might soon discover that the lower-level player just launched an RPG aimed right at them or their personal vehicle.

Lower-level players are often not intelligent with the way they conduct themselves in Freemode. They might accidentally blow up precious cargo or disrupt other players' routines simply because they don't know the consequences yet.

This doesn't make them any less annoying and often leads to frustration on the part of GTA Online veterans.

#3 Cargo griefer


GTA Online makes it explicitly clear when cargo is in transit, marking it with a giant red icon for everyone to see.

This is a clear indication that the game wants players to go after the cargo. However, as an unspoken rule, players often give it a pass since they know the only way to make big money in the game is through businesses.

Yet, some players break this treaty and often attack relentlessly, leading to cargo loss and a major hit in terms of hourly revenue.

While this is part of GTA Online's design, it doesn't make it any less annoying.

#4 Orbital Cannon Spammer


If there ever was a weapon most suited to cowards, it is the Orbital Cannon. It is a rich man's "instant win" button that requires absolutely no skill to use.

GTA Online makes it abundantly clear that the Orbital Cannon is an extravagant purchase. Firing off a single shot from the Orbital Cannon will set the player back by at least half a million dollars.

However, because Shark Card owners and modders can easily get their hands on some money with little to no effort, the Orbital Cannon is an absolute nightmare. There are few things worse in life than having one's hard work ruined by a faceless enemy shooting satellite rockets from their low-life bunkers.

#5 Modders


Modders are one of the worst kinds of players in GTA Online. God Mode, unlimited ammo and money are only some of the problems that modders bring to the table.

GTA speedrunners like DarkViperAU have revealed that their speedruns and streams have often been ruined by a modder who got access to their session and kicked them out.

Modders having access to everyone's sessions in GTA Online is an absolute oversight on the part of Rockstar.

Modding is a huge issue for GTA Online on PC, leading many players to jump from GTA Online to GTA RP in search of a better experience.

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