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Rocket Launcher vs Homing Launcher vs Minigun: Which is the better heavy weapon in GTA Online?

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Apr 2021

It would be more than foolish to roam around the city without being armed to the teeth in GTA Online. At any given moment, an enemy player might pop off shots from halfway across the map and get a headshot on the player. Or better yet, an Oppressor MKII might appear out of nowhere and eviscerate the player.

Hence, the only thing between a player and a certain death is the weapons they can get their hands on. However, GTA Online isn't just about the Freemode PvP lobbies, as more often than not, players will be spending their time in PvE modes like heists or Contact Missions.

So underneath all the Special Carbines, Up-n-Atomizers, and the Heavy Pistols, players will also need a big, heavy weapon in GTA Online. Typically, players often fluctuate between having either an RPG, a Homing Launcher, or a Minigun in their loadouts.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Rocket Launcher vs Homing Launcher vs Minigun in GTA Online

Heavy weapons can often compromise mobility in place of brutish firepower and obnoxious amounts of damage to property and enemy players. Needless to say, every player's loadout in GTA Online must be diverse enough for both PvP and PvE in a way that nothing can potentially outgun them.

Rocket Launcher: Powerful, but not nearly enough


The RPG is a good bet against vehicles of almost every sort in GTA Online. In PvE, the RPG is a great weapon to have around to destroy all manner of enemy vehicles as well as cluster of enemy footsoldiers.

In PvP, especially in Freemode, the weapon can be used to severely damage or even destroy armored vehicles. But vehicles like the Terrorbyte will take a lot more to take down. The lack of any guidance system means that players will have to manually aim and anticipate player movement, which can be especially hard.

When considered in isolation, the RPG is a powerful weapon capable of destroying everything in its path, but it is still outclassed by other weapons in GTA Online.

Homing Launcher: A good, balanced option

The Homing Missile might do a little less damage than the RPG, but its guidance system makes for a deadly weapon capable of utter destruction. The Homing Launcher takes about 2-3 seconds to lock on to a target. And if the vehicle is not armored, it will destroy it with one hit.

Other armored vehicles might be able to take a lot more beating, but the fact that players don't have to manually aim is a huge bonus. However, the time it takes to lock on to an enemy might just result in the player's death.

This is why the weapon is a mixed-bag, as jets with countermeasures can easily throw its guidance system off. Yet, it might just be the most balanced option out of the three in GTA Online.


Minigun: Sheer brutality

The Minigun is easily one of the most menacing weapons in GTA Online and is perfect for fighting aerial enemies in the game. It is not the best weapon to fight enemies on foot, as carrying the Minigun restricts the player's mobility, causing them to be lumbering.

This is why the weapon can often be a detriment to players in most enemy encounters in Freemode. While it is pretty effective against unarmored vehicles and such, it will take a long time for it to destroy heavily armored ones.

The Minigun and its lack of mobility are often an issue with regards to taking on multiple enemies in Freemode.

Therefore, sticking to the Homing Launcher as the priority heavy weapon in the game might just be the smartest option in GTA Online.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 14:01 IST
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