5 things in GTA San Andreas that make absolutely no sense

Some things don't make too much sense in GTA San Andreas (Image via Rockstar Games)
Some things don't make too much sense in GTA San Andreas (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA San Andreas is a masterpiece of a game, but even this title can confuse a few players because it contains certain elements that don't make much sense.

These are not flaws in GTA San Andreas that make it unplayable. These five things make no sense in the game and are related to its story.

Not everything strange will end up on this list.

Five things in GTA San Andreas that are rather strange

5) How does CJ go from bald to a full set of hair in a barbershop?


This reason is more comical than serious compared to many other things that don't make much sense in GTA San Andreas. One of its greatest features is its level of customization, which includes various haircuts that CJ can acquire while playing the game.

Going from long hair to short hair makes sense, but going from the other direction is more comical than anything else. There are hair treatments in the real world for simulating that, but it's not done through the same electric razor sound effect as GTA San Andreas.

It's a video game, so that's all that matters in this scenario.

4) Why does the military never do anything to CJ for losing the jetpack?


Gameplay and story segregation are two completely different things. Gameplay-wise, it wouldn't be fun for CJ to constantly fight military personnel who try to take the jetpack back. However, that could be explained in-game through its story.

However, stealing a jetpack is just a wacky thing CJ does in GTA San Andreas, and it isn't meant to be taken seriously. But some fans are still curious why something as secretive and influential as Area 69 would somehow lose their secret project to a hippie and a random person.

It's not like CJ stole the jetpack stealthily, either. The personnel knew he was there, and unlike rival gangbangers and other petty criminals, there is no reason for the military not to know where CJ lives.

3) Why does CJ never bring up Ryder after his betrayal?

Why is Ryder so insignificant to CJ in GTA San Andreas? (Image via GTA Wiki)
Why is Ryder so insignificant to CJ in GTA San Andreas? (Image via GTA Wiki)

For such an important character involved in CJ's childhood, it doesn't make much sense that Ryder is practically a background character after his betrayal. It's understandable why he doesn't do much, given other characters like Big Smoke are only seen again after the shocking betrayal. Still, the latter is referenced a lot throughout the story, and Ryder isn't.

It doesn't make much sense from a realism standpoint why CJ would just forget about one of his closest friends and not the other. What Big Smoke did was deplorable, but it's not like he did it alone.

As a result, Ryder comes across as incredibly minor by comparison. It also hurts GTA San Andreas's story by a bit, given how inconsistent it's treated.

2) Why are the remasters so terrible?


This is less a grievance towards GTA San Andreas as a whole and more of a problem with its ports. It says a lot when the game is best recommended to be downgraded to its base version before fixing it with several mods. The original game was great, but, surprisingly, the remasters are hot garbage by comparison.

Players can still play the game and beat it. However, different remastered versions of GTA San Andreas are still littered with so many bugs that it's not even funny.

Rockstar Games is a massive video game company with many subsidiaries underneath it. Despite that, the remasters are still terrible and mainly serve to make fans want to play the original more.

1) Why do all of Ryder's missions help the Grove Street Families out?

Ryder getting the GSF come good weapons in GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)
Ryder getting the GSF come good weapons in GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)

Some fans theorize that Ryder wasn't always meant to be a villain within GTA San Andreas. Regardless if that's true or not, Ryder still helps out Grove Street in his missions.

That's rather strange given he has already betrayed them to help Big Smoke out, so it's confusing why he would make them stronger when it's a conflict of interests.

Compare Ryder to Big Smoke in this instance. His missions don't help the Grove Street Families out much (if at all). This makes sense as Big Smoke is a very selfish antagonist who's sided with the Ballas.

Ryder isn't the brightest person around, but it's strange that somebody like Big Smoke would just allow him to help out the Grove Street Families so much.

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