5 times Trevor proved that he is the most unpredictable character in the GTA series

To many, Trevor is the craziest GTA hero (Image via
To many, Trevor is the craziest GTA hero (Image via

The GTA series features several crazy individuals who thrive in unbridled chaos and absolute anarchy, but none quite plays this archetype better than Trevor Phillips.

Though Trevor does not justify his crimes, he occasionally tells his friends how he had a rough childhood and how that shaped the entire course of his life. Sure, he could have chosen another path, but life doesn't work that way.

This article highlights five scenes that prove Trevor is the most unpredictable character from the GTA series.

Five times Trevor turned out to be the most unpredictable GTA character

#5 - When Franklin got an earful

Trevor Phillips may be wild, perhaps the wildest of all the characters in the GTA Series, but he sure sucks at taking a chill. The scene where he trips over the fence and falls right after intimidating three grown women into silence was the definition of comical, but Trevor did not think so.

Poor Franklin got an earful for finding the situation funny and had to calm his aggravated friend down by taking the blame.

#4 - Killing Johnny Klebitz

Trevor probably shouldn't have slept with Johnny Klebitz's girl, but in hindsight, a crazy madman can do whatever the heck he wants. Either way, psychopaths like Trevor can get away with anything without paying the consequences.

When Johnny Klebitz confronts him, the latter gets so furious that he beats him to death and later boasts about having a piece of him on the sole of his boot. The GTA series features many crazed individuals, but none is quite as savage as Trevor Phillips.

#3 - Long time no see

Fans can rely on Trevor Phillips to ruin a perfectly normal family fight by barging in uninvited and shooting snide comments at everyone present in the name of civility.

After a dramatic turn of events split the two prodigies apart, the scene where he meets Michael again shows how unpredictable, uncivilized, and savage this protagonist can get.

The GTA series wouldn't have been such a phenomenal masterpiece had Rockstar not created this crazy but insanely interesting icon.

#2 - Humiliating Aunt Denise

The GTA franchise has never backed away from showing the world how men like Trevor objectify women. In fact, some characters in the game are highly patriarchal, and their loyalty to women only goes as far as the realms of pleasure would allow. Trevor is no exception.

When he gives Denise money to buy something nice, she initially perks up, but Trevor hadn't exactly pulled the bank out of his pocket. The scene that follows, with Trevor yelling at Franklin's aunt, proves how incredibly unpredictable and savage he can get when other people don't react the way he wants them to.

#1 - Killing Floyd and Debra

The GTA series wouldn't be so popular if Rockstar didn't do a Final Destination every now and then. Killing Floyd and Debra right after Trevor proposes to the two to marry him because "who cares about normal in this abnormal world" is perhaps the most unpredictable and savage thing Trevor has ever done.

This scene will probably go down in history as one of the most tragic moments of all time โ€” two people dying at the hands of a psychopath for absolutely no reason.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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