5 most useful vehicles in GTA Online in 2021

Some of the best GTA Online vehicles ensure fast, safe travel and bolster the player
Some of the best GTA Online vehicles ensure fast, safe travel and bolster the player's arsenal in terms of firepower (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Apr 2021

GTA Online can be a dreadfully violent and competitive place. Thus, having a powerful vehicle in the game is not only advised but absolutely imperative.

The vehicles on this list not only offer defense but are also extremely useful for the purposes of Heists, Contact Missions and/or businesses. These vehicles ensure fast, safe travel and bolster the player's arsenal in terms of firepower.

While they are definitely pricey, purchasing a powerful weaponized vehicle should be one of the player's goals in GTA Online.

What are the most useful vehicles in GTA Online in 2021?

#1 Oppressor MKII

GTA Online's Freemode is now a toxic wasteland populated by griefers partly due to the presence of the Oppressor MKII. While the hoverbike doesn't have the best reputation, it is the most versatile and useful vehicle in the game.

Players can use it for a variety of purposes, such as missions, cargo missions, MC businesses or anything that requires travel back and forth.

The Oppressor MKII guarantees fast and secure travel, as it is equipped with adequate weaponry. It can also fly way above enemy players, reducing the line of sight.

#2 Buzzard Attack Chopper

The Buzzard Attack Chopper is an extremely useful vehicle. The minigun that sits on the side of the chopper ensures that the player is never outgunned. If that wasn't enough, the chopper also has missiles.

Businesses in GTA Online are incredibly profitable, but doing them often requires a lot of travel. To make large sums of cash quickly, players will need fast and powerful vehicles like the Buzzard Attack Chopper.

#3 Armored Kuruma

An Armored Kuruma should be one of the first big purchases that a player should make in GTA Online. The vehicle essentially makes the player impervious to regular gunfire. It also ensures that the player is never in danger of being shot down by NPCs or enemy players.

Doing Contact Missions with an Armored Kuruma is an absolute breeze. The vehicle incentivizes speed, helping the player secure a big payout at the end.

#4 Deluxo

The Deluxo is one of the most attractive cars in GTA Online, courtesy of its ability to take flight. There is plenty to love about the vehicle, such as its ability to hover over the ground as well as its firepower.

While definitely on the pricier side, GTA Online players should have little reservation for spending big bucks on weaponized special vehicles such as the Deluxo. While the Deluxo has been slightly outclassed by newer vehicles in the game, it rightfully remains a fan-favorite.

#5 Toreador

The Pegassi Toreador is a relatively new addition to GTA Online as it arrived as part of the Cayo Perico Heist update. However, it has instantly become a fan-favorite.

The Toreador is packed to the brim with great features, such as a powerful rocket boost, unlimited missiles and the ability to be used as a submersible.

This amphibious machine of war can hunt down targets on the ground as well as underwater, making it one of the most deadly weaponized vehicles in GTA Online.

Its arsenal of unlimited missiles also makes the Toreador one of the most feared vehicles in the game.

Published 21 Apr 2021
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