5 vehicle missions that only showed up once in the GTA series

CJ, about to rob a house (Image via AddictionToGaming)
CJ, about to rob a house (Image via AddictionToGaming)

Vehicle missions have evolved drastically since GTA 3, yet not every new vehicle mission that was added would last longer than just one game.

These types of missions have existed since GTA 1, but the 2D universe handled vehicle missions quite differently from the method fans are more well aware of. Ergo, only vehicle missions from GTA 3 onward will be considered for the sake of this article.

Sometimes, these vehicle missions only appear in one game because of their similarities to other missions. Alternatively, there are instances where there is no rhyme or reason for its absence. Either way, these following vehicle missions have only showed up once in the entire GTA series.

Five vehicle missions that only appeared in one GTA game

#5 - Noodle Punk (GTA Liberty City Stories)

This is an example of a vehicle mission that only appears once because it's a near-exact replica of another vehicle mission. Noodle Punk is a re-skinned version of Pizza Boy, except Toni Cipriani delivers boxes of noodles instead of pizza.

Interestingly enough, Pizza Boy is still in GTA Liberty City Stories. The rewards are also very similar, with both missions giving Toni 25 extra maximum health and counting toward 100% completion. Pizza Boy's protection money is $2,500, whereas Noodle Punk's is $2,000.

#4 - Vice Sights (GTA Vice City Stories)

Tourists love to take photos of great sights, and there is no better opportunity for them to do so than being in a helicopter above Vice City. Predictably, this means that the player is flying the helicopter to various destinations (as indicated by pink coronas).

Players are encouraged to fly slowly once they reach the destination, so the tourists can snap photos. It's important for the player to keep the tourists entertained by doing this, as otherwise, the player fails. Starting this mission requires entering the Maverick at Escobar International Airport.

#3 - Pimping (GTA San Andreas)

In some ways, pimping is like a modified version of Taxi Driver. Here, CJ is required to drive a Broadway and pick up prostitutes and deliver them to their clients. Sometimes, everything goes according to plan.

Sometimes the player has to deal with an unruly customer, either by killing them or chasing them, depending on the circumstance. If a player does all of the levels, all prostitutes will pay CJ instead of the other way around when he uses their services.

#2 - Most Wanted (GTA 4)

Vigilante is present in GTA 4, but a similar vehicle mission exists in the form of Most Wanted. Once a player takes an assignment in a law enforcement vehicle, they are able to go to the suspect and try to kill them.

Unlike Vigilante, there is only a set amount of NPCs that players can kill in Most Wanted. Once a player kills a suspect, their name will turn red in the database, which should inform the player that they cannot be killed again.

#1 - Burglary (GTA San Andreas)

The Burglary side mission is available with the Boxville Black in GTA San Andreas, but only between 20:00 and 06:00. It's as the name sounds; players are allowed to break into people's homes and rob them of various appliances.

Unlike most other vehicle missions, Burglary is far more dangerous. If the player messes up and is caught by the residents of a home being broken into, they will get three stars in a few seconds. Alternatively, sometimes the player breaks into a gangster's home, with several gang members wide awake inside.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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