5 vehicles beginners should use more in GTA Online in 2021

The most expensive ones may not always be the best choice for in-game missions and races in GTA Online (Image via Saintsfan, YouTube)
The most expensive ones may not always be the best choice for in-game missions and races in GTA Online (Image via Saintsfan, YouTube)
Rajarshi Acharya

The entire GTA Online experience can depend on the first vehicle a player purchases.

There are plenty of cheap vehicles available to purchase in GTA Online, but not all of them are useful. Similarly, the most expensive ones may not always be the best choice for in-game missions and races.

Here is a list of vehicles that a beginner can look forward to buying when starting GTA Online.

Five most useful vehicles for beginners in GTA Online

5) Pegassi Bati 801/801RR


The cheapest vehicle on this list at $15,000, the Bati 801/801RR is the fastest motorcycle in GTA Online with a top speed of 135 mph. The two variants are basically the same motorbike with different appearances.

The Bati 801 seems more suited for the streets, while the 801RR appears built for the tracks, lacking mirrors and other necessary accessories.

The performance of this vehicle is excellent, with great handling and braking, making it possible to tackle sharp turns at high speeds. The 801RR is lighter and has slightly better braking, making this motorbike the best choice for racing.

The Bati 801 is based on a Ducati 846, while the 801RR is based on the Ducati 1199.

4) Vapid Dominator


At a base price of $35,000, the Dominator is one of the cheapest fast cars a player can buy in GTA Online. Its supercharged high torque V8 engine gives it impressive acceleration and top speed, making it one of the quickest muscle cars in a straight line.

Its raw power is also its weakness, making it challenging for lesser-skilled drivers to handle. However, in the hands of an experienced driver, it is an excellent choice for racing as few other muscle cars can match up to its top speed of 120.25 mph.

The design aesthetic, inspired by the fifth generation Ford Mustang, makes it hard to resist for fans of all-American muscle cars.

3) Annis Elegy RH8


One of the coolest-looking imports in-game, the Elegy RH8, is available to GTA Online players for free if they register with Rockstar Games Social Club. Its base price is $95,000, making it one of the best cars below $100k.

It performs just as players would expect from a Nissan GT-R derivative, with excellent handling and balance, even weight distribution, and outstanding traction.

The braking is sub-par even though its handling makes braking almost unnecessary, but it can become a problem when the player wants to come to a quick stop.

In the hands of an experienced driver, the Elegy RH8 is one of the best in the sports class. Given how easy it is to acquire one, it is one of the best cars available to beginners.

2) Imponte Duke O'Death


The Duke O’Death is available for free to those who played the original versions of GTA 5, and its base price of $665,000 still makes it one of the most economically viable armored cars in GTA Online.

The design of this car alone makes it worth buying, as it looks straight out of a Mad Max movie with its post-apocalyptic design. Its performance keeps up to its design, with its massive weight making it an ideal vehicle for ramming.

Durability is similarly impressive, as expected from a ramming vehicle, with the ability to survive 3 RPG hits. It is one of the fastest armored vehicles in-game, quicker than the armored Kuruma in a straight line.

1) Karin Kuruma (Armored)


What could possibly be a better choice for a heist in GTA Online than a rally car? An armored rally car.

That is exactly what this car is, inspired by the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the Kuruma is a formidable car, having decent performance on tracks and being almost unbeatable off-road.

The armored variant of the Kuruma is slightly inferior to the regular one in terms of brakes, traction, top speed, and acceleration. But it compensates with excellent armor, protecting gunfire, and has zero crash deformation.

The advantages of this car far outweigh its disadvantages, and at $525,000 (after completing The Fleeca Job), it is simply the best 4-door car to buy in GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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