5 ways in which GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition hasn’t lived up to expectation

Has the Definitive Edition of San Andreas been downgraded? (Image via Rockstar Games)
Has the Definitive Edition of San Andreas been downgraded? (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition has been the most hotly anticipated game in the Definitive Edition Trilogy. The original San Andreas had many additional features than the other 3D Universe games, and it was also the most enjoyable to play.

While this holds for the Definitive Edition, there are a few areas where the game feels inferior to the original. This article examines some of the critical elements that make the remastered GTA San Andreas feel underwhelming.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: 5 areas where the game disappointed fans

5) Lacking previously available details


There are several areas where the Definitive Edition seems to be missing out on the details available in the original games. The rotating burger shot logo at some Burger Shot restaurants and the rotating Sprunk can at the Sprunk factory no longer work in the remastered GTA San Andreas.

The workout mini-game has been dumbed down to a simple button mashing instead of the alternating feature from the original. The unique walking animations for each body type (muscular, fat, skinny) have also been removed.

Special vehicles like the Forklift and Dozer now have single button actions instead of the analog controls in the original.

4) Removed songs


This downgrade has affected GTA Vice City Definitive Edition more than GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. However, this was already a thing with the previous remasters and the original trilogy rereleases on the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Many popular songs are now missing from the remastered game, disappointing many players. PC players can always use mods to restore the in-game radio stations.

3) AI upscaled textures


Players have accused Grove Street Games of laziness while making the GTA Trilogy remasters. This is because most textures and character models in the Definitive Edition games have been given a simple AI upscaling.

This has resulted in ugly character models, out-of-place textures, and poorly detailed clothing and vehicles. The interiors of the vehicles are almost unchanged, which is something most players didn't expect.

2) Lacking the PS2 color filter


Most GTA veterans believe that the original PS2 release of GTA San Andreas was the most visually impressive. The original games each had a unique color filter that made the world much more convincing, an effect that has been lost in the remastered games.

1) No significant gameplay upgrades


Most players expected some gameplay improvements in the Definitive Edition, such as a ragdoll mechanic and a cover system. However, all three games only included minor improvements such as a GPS radar, weapon/radio selection wheel, and improved aiming.

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