500k bonus on Stunt Jumps this week: All Stunt Jump locations on the GTA Online Map

Image via Rockstar Newswire
Image via Rockstar Newswire

GTA Online holds nothing back when it comes to gameplay variety and embracing the chaotic nature of its open world. Freemode is where a maximum of 60 players have complete freedom over the gigantic map of the state of San Andreas, which opens up all sorts of chaotic possibilities.

From arm-wrestling other players to stunting all over the place, there is something for everyone to do in GTA Online. Each week, Rockstar Games puts out a certain bonus on select activities, which becomes a great way for players to try out mode activities they hadn't before.

This week in GTA Online, completing a number of Stunt Jumps will net the player an easy GTA$ 500,000. While that might not be a lot of money for veterans, that kind of money is literally a game-changer for those just starting out.

All Stunt Jump locations on the GTA Online Map

Image via u/fatfatlama, r/gtaonline
Image via u/fatfatlama, r/gtaonline

Credits: u/fatfatlama

There are a total of 50 Stunt Jumps across the map, but players only need to complete five of them to avail of the 500k bonus this week in GTA Online. Players can either use a bike or a car to do these Stunt Jumps.

Depending on where the jump is, players may either want to opt for an off-road vehicle or a standard sports car. Some jumps are far more obscure than others and can be easy to miss.


One clear sign of a Stunt Jump is usually the presence of some kind of ramp, elevation, or a big gap in the middle of two surfaces. Many ramps might just be makeshift ones, barely held together by some sort of wreckage and propped up odd items.

Also, the money will be added to the player's Maze Bank Account in GTA Online by April 14, 2021.

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