Best GTA Online weapons for players on a tight budget

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

A player can't engage with the game without a go-to weapon. Every player must have an arsenal of weapons to navigate through the dangerous world of GTA Online.

However, like everything else in the game, weapons do not come cheap. Fortunately, there are good weapons in the game that also do not drain the wallet. This article highlights a few of them.

Best GTA Online weapons for players on a tight budget

#5 - The AP Pistol

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The popular AP Pistol looks like a hybrid of the Cold Scamp and OTs-33 Pernach. The trigger resembles that of the M1911 pistols.

This striker-fired automatic machine pistol has a compact design and handles smoothly. The pistol is sharp and is equipped with an 18-round magazine, which can be extended to 36 rounds. A light recoil makes this weapon a fan-favorite. The recoil can be made lighter with a suppressor attachment, making this ideal for stealth attacks.

The AP Pistol can be bought from Three's Company for $5000 after unlocking the featured story mode mission.

#4 - The Micro SMG

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The Micro SMG is a submachine gun in every Grand Theft Auto series under a different name. In GTA 3, it was called Uzi. In Vice City, it is called Uzi 9mm.

The Micro SMG is the ultimate weapon of choice for most gang members, criminals, and law enforcement.

But this gun behaves differently in every game of the series. GTA Online has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, which can be extended to 30 rounds when customized.

The machine gun has decent accuracy, but using this gun from a long-distance may not be as effective as close-range. The silencer makes up for the low damage caused per shot.

The Micro SMG can be bought from Ammu-Nation for $3,750 normally or $850 in story mode. Players can also steal this gun in GTA Online.

#3 - Pump Shotgun:

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Inspired by the Mossberg 590, the Pump Shotgun is a powerful weapon in GTA Online. This gun is accurate and creates massive damage per shot.

This shotgun's ability to fire several armor-piercing projectiles simultaneously sets it apart from its counterparts. The only downside of the Pump Shotgun is that it cannot be used while running.

This gun can be purchased from the Long Stretch in GTA Online for $3,500.

#2 - Heavy Revolver

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The MP-412 REX inspires the Heavy Revolver, but the weapon's overall shape and design is heavily based on the Taurus Raging Bull.

As the name suggests, the Heavy Revolver is not an easy weapon to carry around and might create trouble for players trying to outrun the police.

Nonetheless, this revolver is a powerful handgun with an ammunition capacity of six rounds and a 60% bonus damage against vehicles.

Although it doesn't support attachments, the handgun is accurate and deadly.

The Heavy Revolver can be bought from Ammu-Nation in GTA Online for $5,900.

#1 - The Combat Pistol

Image via GTA WIki
Image via GTA WIki

Manufactured by Hawk & Little, the Combat Shotgun is a handgun that takes after the HK P2000.

It has decent accuracy, a light recoil, and can cause a lot of damage. This shotgun has a magazine of 12 rounds, which can be extended to 16 rounds when customized.

The Combat Shotgun can be bought from Ammu-Nation in GTA Online for $3,200.

Note: This copy reflects the writer's personal opinion, and what may seem better for one may not be so for another.

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