GTA 5: List of all Radio Stations in the game


A large part of why the GTA franchise is so loved by its fans are the amazing soundtracks that each game comes with.

GTA's charm lies in the game's personality. Its satirical humor comes through in spades and not just in character dialogues and cutscenes.

The game's satire is placed in hilarious radio advertisements and talk-show segments on the radio. The radio is an essential part of the GTA experience and no GTA title is ever complete without an amazing soundtrack on the radio and hilarious commercials.

Each radio station in the GTA game, like real life, plays a certain genre of music. Each radio station has a distinct personality and features a diverse range of songs.

From classic country music to avant-garde German electronic music, the radio stations in GTA V cover a large range in music. GTA V has the largest number of Radio Stations in the GTA franchise.

Full List of Radio Stations in GTA V


Exclusive to the Enhanced Version (PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC)

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