GTA 5 PC Weapon Cheats

(picture credits: Xpert Thief)
(picture credits: Xpert Thief)

The numerous activities you can participate in GTA 5 are only rivalled by the insane collection of weapons that you can use in the game.

GTA as a franchise has always taken pride in giving players a vast open world with plenty of things to do, and in a variety of ways. You can choose to play non-violent sports like golf, do yoga, or go swimming.

But more often than not, players will choose to take up arms and lead an all-out assault against the game's NPCs. The game offers you plenty of weapons that you can buy in the game's gun stores, called "Ammu-Nation".

There are multiple "Ammu-Nation" stores in Los Santos and Los Santos County that you can buy weapons from, and you can also use the shooting range in select stores.

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However, GTA players aren't the most patient of gamers, and would much rather just use cheat codes to instantly gain access to high-caliber weaponry.

Weapon cheat codes for GTA 5 on PC

The Vast Collection of Guns Available in GTA 5
The Vast Collection of Guns Available in GTA 5

Weapons aren't hard to come by in GTA 5, but gaining access to powerful weapons instantly is a plus for everyone.

The good news is that GTA is one of the last remaining AAA franchises that uphold the tradition of cheat codes, giving players immense power over the game's NPCS.

Weapon Cheat Codes GTA 5:

  • Explosive melee punches: HOTHANDS
  • Explosive ammo rounds: HIGHEX
  • Flaming ammo rounds: INCENDIARY
  • Get all weapons: TOOLUP
  • Increase wanted level: FUGITIVE
  • Decrease wanted level: LAWYERUP
  • Invincibility: PAINKILLER
  • Max health and armor: TURTLE

These are cheats that you can use to get a leg up on the game's NPCs as they fall before you, powerless against your endless arsenal of high-caliber weaponry.

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