GTA 5 Story Mode vs Online: 3 gameplay differences new players should get used to

GTA 5 Story Mode vs Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 5 Story Mode vs Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

Taking the jump from Story Mode to Online has always been something GTA 5 fans have often contended with themselves about. On the one hand, Online offers a brilliant new way to experience the world of GTA 5. On the other, it is also a sure-shot way of ensuring temper tantrums, given the number of griefers around.

All in all, GTA Online, despite the overwhelming amount of tryhards and griefers, is a fantastic way for players to experience the game world and try out new modes. But it isn't all sunshine and rainbows right from the start, as there are plenty of changes to the gameplay that Online incorporates.

Right out of the gate, GTA 5 Story Mode players might feel a bit overwhelmed, but the game will eventually become easier as they go along.

Three gameplay differences between GTA 5 Story Mode and Online new players must get used to

#1 - Increased functionality to the Interaction Menu


One of the most basic aspects of the game that players often overlook is the Interaction Menu. While in Story Mode, the Interaction Menu is little more than just a way to access Quick GPS Navigation; it could do a whole lot more in GTA Online.

Ideally, players should spend time perusing through the Interaction Menu and its various sub-menus to get familiar with it. Once players are aware of every single element in there, they will have a decent enough footing in GTA Online and its various modes.

There is a lot more that players can do with the Interaction Menu, and it is a key part of the GTA Online experience.

#2 - RPG-like stats have more value


The Shooting/Stealth/Lung Capacity/Strength stats have a lot more say in GTA Online than they would in Story Mode. While the effects of having higher stats in those areas might not be that noticeable at first, they make a heck of a difference in PvP modes.

Having good stats across the board shouldn't be a priority right off the bat, but players should know that they do make some difference. While driving stats go up pretty easily, stats like Strength and Lung Capacity require more work and time at play.

#3 - Inventory, snacks, and armor


While GTA Online isn't necessarily the most in-depth RPG, it has a certain level of depth that fans of Story Mode perhaps did not expect. For one, there is a need for players to maintain their inventory with snacks to replenish their health and stock up on ammo and body armor.

The Interaction Menu allows players to stock up their inventory and consume snacks that they can buy from the stores available in GTA Online. Both PvP and PvE modes can be excruciatingly punishing if the players' inventory isn't stocked up with ammo and snacks.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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