GTA 6 announcement leak shows why fans shouldn’t blindly believe every leak

GTA 6 announcement leaks are as fake as many of these supposed covers for the next game (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 6 announcement leaks are as fake as many of these supposed covers for the next game (Image via Rockstar Games)

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (especially when it comes to GTA 6). There have been countless leaks about the game, with the vast majority of them being completely bogus.

However, the lack of official news from Rockstar Games has left people desperate for more information, no matter who the source is.

There was one notable leak that recently garnered a ton of attention, it talked about how there were three scheduled tweets, one of which was about the upcoming game. It was scheduled for May 13, but that day has passed by in all parts of the world, just as this leak will fade from memory in due time.

Another GTA 6 leak is proven fake

The above Reddit post contains an image of this leak. Rockstar Games did have a GTA Online event week post like the leak states, but nobody could have guessed that since Rockstar Games posts it every week on Thursday. The most relevant part of the leak is the "#GTAVI (attachment)" part.

That would have indicated that an image or trailer could have been attached to that tweet. It's easy to see why some gamers got their hopes up, but it was eventually proven to be fake due to the lack of any GTA 6 tweets from Rockstar Games on May 13, 2022.

The 15:00 time for the GTA Online update post was accurate (which, again, was easy to predict based on past precedence). The "#GTAVI (attachment)" tweet was supposedly scheduled to be posted at the same time, and Rockstar Games has posted several tweets around the same time before.

Nothing showed up, and that was that.

GTA 6 leaks

As much as people hope for a leak to be true, they should remember that most of the ones posted online are not legitimate. It doesn't help that most of them only have "trust me" as their reason for being credible. Even the better leaks (like the one above from Twitter) can easily be faked.

There are also plenty of leaks that people believe to be true, such as the game taking place in Vice City. Unfortunately, there have been no credible images or footage confirming that. It doesn't necessarily mean that every leak is fake, but gamers should be skeptical until more evidence shows up.

People shouldn't blindly believe every GTA 6 leak that pops up to prevent themselves from being set up with disappointment.

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