"GTA 6 better drop before he drops": Fans react to the recent Gamescom 2023 crash incident during Starfield presentation

A screenshot of the infamous incident
A screenshot of the infamous incident (Image via Gamescom)

Numerous gamers are desperate for any kind of GTA 6 news. Hence, it shouldn't be surprising that one such fan interrupted Gamescom 2023's Starfield presentation for Rockstar's title. The more bizarre aspect of this news is when the individual claimed that "Bill Clinton wants to play GTA 6." The former US President has never declared that before, yet the wildness of the situation has sparked various reactions.

For reference, a clip of the incident can be seen in the following Tweet alongside an amusing response from Twitter user @GuyWhoConquers, stating:

"Bill Clinton is 77 years old. GTA 6 better drop before he drops"

Many gamers already feel like the sequel is taking forever to release, with the above person joking about how the title should come out before Bill Clinton passes. After all, the person who interrupted Gamescom 2023 jokingly stated that the former US President wanted to play that game.

More reactions to the GTA 6 fan interrupting Gamescom while talking about Bill Clinton

The above Tweet is a humorous reaction referencing The Game Awards 2022 incident where the young individual shown above thanked his "reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton" during an acceptance speech involving Elden Ring developers.

Some gamers would compare the two incidents, which will be apparent later in this article.

Fan reactions to the Gamescom 2023 incident range from a few emotions. The first individual suggests that GTA 6 is bigger than Bill Clinton, implying that this upcoming Rockstar title is more significant than a former US President. By comparison, the second series of Tweets shown in the above compilation finds the whole ordeal disrespectful.

Opera GX memed on the situation, as did several other people online.

The two series of Tweets shown above are more silly reactions to the recent Starfield incident. One person facetiously states that they want to hear more about Bill Clinton and Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. The second one references the earlier The Game Awards 2022 person who also referenced Bill Clinton.

Still, there are several more reactions of disappointment, as shown above. Some people thought it was embarrassing for a person to interrupt a game presentation, especially in this manner.

Reddit reactions

The above Reddit comments come from a post talking about the whole GTA 6 incident where the guy said Bill Clinton wanted to play the game. Like with Twitter, user reactions range from memes to disappointment.

Not everybody's reactions were well-liked. The above comment is an example of somebody who relates to the individual who crashed the Starfield presentation since this Redditor has been waiting nearly a decade for a single game.

One Redditor even thinks this whole drama was a clever marketing ploy by Rockstar Games. Contrary to this comment, there is no confirmation that a trailer for their next Grand Theft Auto game is coming out in October.

As hype-worthy as GTA 6 is, there is still no official news or credible leaks confirming the exact announcement date.

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