GTA Online kicks players out of Diamond Casino for taking pictures of the lucky wheel

Getting kicked out of the Diamond Casino in GTA Online (Source:Sportskeeda)
Getting kicked out of the Diamond Casino in GTA Online (Source:Sportskeeda)

Strangely enough, one interesting thing that players can do at the Diamond casino in GTA Online is getting kicked out. Many players may not be aware that this was possible, but there is a way to trigger this rare cutscene where the protagonist literally gets thrown out of the casino.

The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online was added to the game as part of The Diamond Casino & Resort update on July 23, 2019. The casino can be found at the corner of Vinewood Boulevard in East Vinewood, Los Santos.


How to get kicked out of the Diamond Casino in GTA Online

Time to cash in!” “Introducing Los Santos' new crown jewel: The Diamond Casino & Resort. Drop whatever you're doing, and enter a world of high stakes at our exclusive table games, high society on our world-famous roof terrace, and the good old-fashioned high life in our customizable penthouse suites. Purchase your membership today at Come play. Come party. Come prosper.— The Diamond Casino & Resort

The Diamond Casino has now become a daily stop for players in GTA Online because of its wheel spin and the daily free 1000 chips. In order to use the casino, players need a standard membership which can be purchased for $500. The standard membership will allow players to use slot machines, spin the Lucky Wheel, play table games, and bet on horses at the Inside Track betting shop, as well as give access to valet services.

In order for players to see this rare cutscene, all they need to do is go to the Diamond Casino and enter the casino floor. Once players get there, they need to take out their camera and start taking pictures inside the casino and then delete them. The player needs to do this about 6 times to trigger this hilarious cutscene where the security guards will throw the protagonist out of the casino.

Although this cutscene does not really accomplish anything, it is a strangely fun thing to show to friends to see their reactions. This bizarre cutscene is getting quite popular on GTA Online Twitch streams and YouTube channels, where many fans watch the event and then hop into the game to try it out for themselves.

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